City of Waxahachie provides relief for restricted amount of water bills, amidst storm

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

As the winter storm reaches a one-month anniversary, the city of Waxahachie has addressed the city water billing from February and how residents affected could seek relief as soon as possible. 

Amy Borders, the city's director of communications and marketing, clarified that the city already had a program in place for relief, but this one-time offer is to help with additional relief.

"Due to many residents experiencing broken pipes, leaks and plumbing issues during the freeze, we anticipated that in some cases this will cause higher water bills. The city already had a program in place to provide relief in the event of a water leak," stated Borders. "This one-time offering actually provides an increased level of relief – which if approved, would base the affected customer’s bill on their previous (January) bill amount."

Additionally, there is not a time limit set in which residents must take advantage of this offer. 

"While there is not a specific time limit, customers who are interested in seeking relief are encouraged to do so as soon as possible," said Borders. 

Residents who have experienced a leak or plumbing break during the winter storm can contact the Utility Billing Department and provide a receipt documenting the repairs made.

According to the city, "The receipt may either be from a plumber or contractor, or may be a parts receipt if the work was self-performed. Once approved, the adjustment will be based on the amount of your January (previous month) bill."

Residents who may have experienced an increase in their bill due to keeping their faucet dripping as a preventative measure will not qualify for this program.

The billing cycles may extend through late March and early April due to the city billing in arrears. 

Community members may submit the receipt in person at City Hall, 401 S. Rogers, or email: For questions, call 469-309-4170.