Tacos 4 Life to celebrate Good Samaritan Day March 13

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

The chain Tacos 4 Life is aiming to raise funds for 35,000 meals for child hunger as they observe Good Samaritan Day on Saturday, March 13.

Tacos 4 Life will be celebrating Good Samaritan Day for the second time, as they raised funds for 30,700 meals last year.

"Good Samaritan Day is all about people unselfishly providing help to those who have need. At Tacos 4 Life, we exist to see an end to childhood hunger around the world by partnering with our patrons to provide life by giving meals to hungry and starving children," shared Jim Stanford, owner of the Tacos 4 Life Waxahahcie location. "This happens through our Meal 4 Meal program, in which 24 cents is donated to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) for every taco, quesadilla, nachos, salad or rice bowl sold, which is equivalent to one meal. By enjoying a delicious meal at Tacos 4 Life, an individual is feeding a child as well."

Tacos 4 life increased its goal to 35,000 meals this year to meet the increased need in the world. This goal has been set as a corporate goal.

Tacos 4 Life celebrates Good Samaritan day by raising 35,000 meals this Saturday.

"Good Samaritan Day gives us an opportunity to share with our customers the life changing mission they make possible by partnering with us. We live in a world that is filled with suffering, pain and need. When someone steps in the gap to help, they change the world of which they are a part. At Tacos 4 Life, we are humbled to connect those who come through our doors with the hope that they are making a difference in even the simple choice on where to dine," Stanford said.

Tacos 4 Life was founded in 2014 by Austin and Ashton Samuelson as a fast-casual restaurant with franchised locations across the U.S. Daily, the restaurant raises funds for those in need through the Meal 4 Meal program.

"In addition to our Meal 4 Meal program, we will promote the opportunity for guests to double their donation with the simple act of adding 24 cents per meal that they wish to donate. The message will be shared on our social media as well as on our loyalty app in an effort to help our loyal customers see how simple it is to change a life," explained Stanford.

Community members can help raise meals by eating at any Taco 4 Life location. Ellis County residents can visit Tacos 4 Life in Waxahachie, located on 1760 N Highway 77.

To view the menu, visit https://order.tacos4life.com/menu/waxahachie .