City's grant program can help Waxahachie residents with sidewalk repairs.

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

Recently, Waxahachie residents received a note on their water bill referring to the City Sidewalk Grant Program established in 2019.

The program was established to to assist residents with their sidewalk repairs. 

According to the city website, "In Fiscal Year 2019, the Waxahachie City Council designated $100,000 for a City Sidewalk Grant Program that can be updated annually, if funds allow. This program is administered by the Public Works & Engineering department, and is designed to provide residents of the city a resource to maintain, repair, or install sidewalks in front of their residence or business."

This notice was just a courtesy reminder from the city to let residents know that the program is available, according to Amy Borders, director of communications and marketing. "There is space every month that we can put information or tidbits on the water bill. We just decided to put that on last month’s to let people know the program is available since it’s been a while since we last promoted it. Normally that space for a blurb on the water bill is used to mention events, etc., but we don’t have any events scheduled currently, so we just ran something else is all," clarified Borders.

The city pays up to half the cost of a sidewalk that meet the criteria for repair, through this program.

After receiving a complete application, the Public Works & Engineering department will inspect the sidewalk. According to the city site, if the sidewalk meets the criteria for repair, the city will share the cost with the property owner on a first-come, first-serve basis and as funds are available.

This program does not apply to driveways or driveway approaches - only sidewalks located within the city right-of-way. To read the guidelines and access the application, visit .