A Waxahachie couple built an igloo in midst of winter storm

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

A Waxahachie couple built a sturdy igloo, sharing photos enjoying their work and allowing community members to come and take pictures inside, in the midst of the winter storm last week. 

The idea of building an igloo began when Waxahachie resident Craig Israel's brother built an igloo in East Texas. 

The light shines bright in this man-made igloo built by Waxahachie couple Craig Israel and Rebecca Gregory.

"It was a great way to spend time with family and friends while we had no power, and I couldn’t let my brother Zahck Israel have the only igloo in Texas," shared Israel.

The igloo stands six feet tall in the midst of last week's extreme winter storm in Texas.

The igloo took approximately two and a half days to build and reached the height of six feet by six feet, with 10-inch thick walls. 

Rebecca Gregory, Israel's wife, helped him build the igloo.

"Tuesday night he stayed up till 2 in the morning building it the first day," said Gregory. "Me and my husband built it. But it was mostly him and his idea to build it. He made all the blocks and set them in the spots, and I filled all the holes up with fresh snow. His brother built one in East Texas, and since they couldn’t build it together, they each built one."

Despite community praise for the igloo, this was the couple's first time building one. 

"It was definitely the first time building an igloo for sure. Very pleased with the outcome of the igloo. If we had more time and more hands, then it probably would’ve been bigger and more grand! Tons of community members have stopped by and have taken pictures with their kids or even just to take one for themselves, because it’s an igloo in Texas," Gregory said.

"The hardest part about building the igloo was getting the right consistency of snow to pack in the molds to make the blocks. It was like building a sand castle; if the sand is too dry or too wet, it will not hold its shape," said Israel. "The only way I would build another igloo is if I could do it in collaboration with my brother somewhere with real Eskimos."

The pair has enjoyed watching people from the community stop by and enjoy their hard work put into the igloo.

"The best part has been seeing all the people from the community stopping by for family photos," shared Israel.