Fresh Market Coffee reopens doors, after fixing burst water pipes

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

As the chilly weather set in over last weekend and the snow fell heavily, local coffee shop Fresh Coffee Market was one of many businesses to confront the issues of burst water pipes. 

A customer wrote 'love u fresh' in the snow, after the water pipes burst in the shop.

On Monday the business was opened as usual, closing for half the day due to weather.

"There was nothing opened on Monday going into Tuesday. We opened up for half a day on Monday. We had where people were coming in, looking for warmth. And then we shut down early so that my baristas could get home before that second wave of bad weather hit. And then Tuesday, we opened like normal," shared Shane Henry, owner of Fresh.

His baristas were more than eager to come into work, according to Henry. 

"We opened and it was touching, our very first customer of the morning had a 1-year old. They had had no heat. She had been in her car and she was just looking for something warm to eat," said Henry. 

However, the coffee shop didn't go unbothered for long. At about 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Henry said that water began leaking from the attic. He went to go check out the issue, and once he opened the attic door, the heat from the kitchen rose and it hit the pipes, melting the clogs that kept them from exploding. 

"It's like in the movies. The people describe a busted pipe and just the amount of water that was pouring out of light fixtures ... all over the bar, our new equipment and our customers," explained Henry. "So we get it shut off and my team was amazing. They just started cleaning."

Henry shut off all the water in the shop, still allowing customers to stay for warmth until they closed. 

"Wednesday morning I was fortunate enough to get a plumber to come out and fix the two pipes. And I sent a message out in our GroupMe and said, 'Hey guys I know I told everybody that they have today off, while we fix but we're fixed. If anyone can come clean, I'd love to open up Thursday for our customers', And before you knew it I had half my team up there," stated Henry. 

The coffee shop reopened on Thursday back to its normal hours, after working hard Wednesday to fix its broken water pipes. 

"As a community member all the way around, it's been, everybody pulling together to make this happen. And then the support we have received from our customers, personally texting me, asking how they can help ... It was amazing," said Henry.

Personally, Henry has not had power in his home since Sunday and has appreciated the small kindness and checking from the community.

"Today we've been open and serving customers. We're just glad that we're able to help. We've got customers that are camped out just charging electronics and getting warm. That's what we're here for," shared Henry. "We put on a post, it's not about serving coffee. Right now it's just about being a fixed spot for our Fresh fam."

Like many grocery stores, Fresh has not been able to receive their supplies and necessities such as milk and eggs. 

"We're running low on the basics that everyone is running low on at home ... Our suppliers aren't getting it to us either," stated Henry. "As a business owner I'm so fortunate of be a part of this community. The way that we respond in a crisis and the way that we as a community come together, it's touching ... We're gonna keep our doors opened, even if just for warmth. If we sell out of everything and it's just so the people can come in and get warm, I'll have employees there to help make sure that it's clean for them to be there."

Fresh is opened daily from 7 a.m.-8 p.m., unless stated otherwise.

To see updates from Fresh Market Coffee, go to their Facebook page .