Firewood was given to those in need in Waxahachie, due to power outages.

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

As temperatures dropped to single digits in Texas, an Ellis County family stepped up and gathered wood to pass out for warmth.

Andrea Shearman's husband, Robby Shearman, and sons Landon, 15, and Logan, 11, gathered firewood to help families during the extreme cold weather.

Waxahachie community member Andrea Shearman was one of many families in the state who ran out of power. 

A truck bed is full of wood for fire use.

"We were without power for 44 hours and without water for 38 hours. We used the fireplace to provide heat as we have an all electric home," shared Shearman.

Her husband, Robby Shearman, and their sons Landon, 15, and Logan, 11, worked on cutting and gathering firewood. 

"They cut a total of three truck beds full. One of our neighbors helped with one of the loads and took it to his house and has offered it to our neighborhood," said Shearman. With the two loads that we had at our house, we provided wood for seven families, but offered it to our whole neighborhood (Pioneer Point) before offering it on the buzz."

According to Shearman, they spent several hours the last two days cutting wood in this weather.

Shearman, like many others, has offered the resource of wood to the community. She and her family have been in Ellis County since July 2020.

"The wood was cut at my grandmother's land off Old Buena Vista Road, Waxahachie address close to Maypearl. She's been a long-term resident 60-plus years," Shearman said.