A Mesquite artist is sketching and painting Texas courthouses. He hopes to paint them all.

Local artist takes on challenge to create watercolors of all 254 county courthouses in Texas

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

A local artist from Mesquite is currently working on a mission to paint all 254 Texas county courthouses, having recently finished the Ellis County Courthouse.

Tony Delane Morris says he began this project about six weeks ago and has already finished 14 paintings so far.

A painting of the Ellis County Courthouse is one of the artworks finished by Tony Delane Morris, six weeks into his project.

“I’m 54; I’ve been painting for 45 years. I’ve painted and drawn since I was a kid,” Morris said. “It was my wife's idea because I was just doing these little quick sketches on my lunch break at work. So then she joined one of these (social media) pages, and I don’t know where the idea came from but she said, ‘OMG it would be cool if you painted the courthouses.’ And I painted a few, and I just didn’t really expect the response I got when she posted on one of the pages on Facebook.”

After receiving praise for his work, Morris decided to go all in and take on the challenge of painting each courthouse in Texas. 

This is the Anderson County Courthouse, painted by Tony Delane Morris.

“Texas has the most counties of any U.S. state," Morris stated on his Facebook page. "It is my goal to paint each of them and hopefully get them published into a book. I'll be working through them alphabetically. First up is Anderson County.”

Morris said his job allows him to visit many towns and cities throughout the state. During his lunch break, he's usually able to sit down and sketch. 

“I’m a delivery driver, and it takes me all over Texas. I’ll see a few of them, and the ones I can’t go to, I’ll just do it from a photo reference,” Morris said. 

Each courthouse painting is being done with watercolors, according to his wife, Tresa Morris.

Of the 14 paintings accomplished thus far, Morris shares that his most tedious drawing was the Ellis County courthouse.

“I had fun doing it, but just as far as detail, It would probably be the Ellis County one. I really enjoyed doing it, but the architecture design of it is just so unique, and I just really got into it,” said Morris. 

Morris says he's normally a portrait artist, but he is currently exploring and enjoying this new adventure. “This is one style I want to explore. You know, urban scenes, landscape. I really just took a liking to it, and I do it pretty regularly now,” said Morris.

Each painting is signed with Morris' middle name, 'Delane.'

Although Morris drives around daily for work, those interested can see his artwork via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TonyDelaneMorris/posts/3394908620638981 and Instagram: @delane66 . 

Additionally, his artwork may be purchased via Etsy at etsy.com/shop/TonyDelaneArtwork