Fresh Market Coffee owner becomes merchant association's new president.

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

Owner of Fresh Market Coffee in Waxahachie, Shane Henry, will assume the role as president of the Waxahachie Downtown Merchants Association on Monday, Feb. 1.

Henry has been involved in the association since 2012.

Shane Henry begins his term as President of the WDMA.

“Amber and I kind of got involved at the same time, and we kind of were the new kids in the room,” shared Henry. “We just kind of had this, ‘Hey, we can do things to help this organization better and start to grow.’ And we all kind of did, and memberships started picking up and activities started picking up and we were doing things. It’s kind of a long time coming for everybody. Everybody kind of stepped up at some point in different roles. I guess it’s kind of my turn.”

Since his membership, Henry has seen the organization grow. He praises Cindy Burch, the current president and owner of The Dove’s Nest, for her great leadership within the last two years.

“It’s such an amazing group that has been on the executive board the last couple years. It’s encouraging of where our next year’s going to go. We’re bringing in Amy from Farmhouse. She’s taking over the treasurer position. So I’m excited to see this next year,” said Henry. “I’ve got big shoes to fill because Cindy Burch did some good things for us in her role as president.”

Amber Adams, member of the association and owner of Velvet Angel, shared her excitement for Henry and his new position within the organization.

“Shane Henry and I started our brick and mortar businesses about the same time.  Having him back as the president of WDMA is like reuniting with an old friend. I’m excited about his new ideas, plans for promoting all our businesses, and the energy he brings to everything he does,” shared Adams.

As president, Henry will serve for two years. In this position he hopes to, “To be honest, just being able to do what we’ve started. We have started some really large projects that are not just a one and done kind of thing. It’s exciting that I was on the board last year, just being able to continue all of the hard work we’ve done in the last few years to get us where we are. But I’m also excited about having some new blood in the room, as far as the Merchant Association and opening up some new ideas. We have in the past been very eventful. We’re very event heavy,” explained Henry. “I think it is more important than ever that we continue to provide resources, to provide opportunities that are safe for people to get out in the safest way that we can. We have a board meeting on Monday to talk about what that’s going to look like.”

The Merchants Association has about 100-115 members, according to Henry. They are in the process of the association’s renewal, so numbers could vary.

“We have an obligation to our merchants to be driven as possible to get sales and customers and an economy to thrive, but we also have an obligation to our community to be safe. It’s a challenge. We’re excited. Cindy navigated last year really well with the board,” said Henry.

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