Ennis drummer part of popular Tejano band

By Patty Hullett
For the Daily Light

B.J. Montemayor, a 29-year old local Ennisite, is living out one of his dreams – being a part of an award-winning band, Tejano music’s “Pression.” In English, the word “Pression” translates to “pressure”.

This talented young musician joined the Garces family band in September 2015. While the drummer fills his weekends with lots of music gigs, he works at Lockheed Martin in Grand Prairie during the week as an aircraft mechanic on the F35 program.

Montemayor says, “I love being a part of a band with so much history and experience. It is such an honor for me. From to time to time, we have all had opportunities to join bigger bands, but we have all stuck it out together.”

B.R. Montemayor, seen at far left, is the drummer for Tejano band Pression.

He continues, “Being a drummer is not something I decided to learn and to pursue, but rather, it’s a passion that I was born with. I am the youngest of the band, and I joined with not much experience professionally. These guys have groomed and shaped me to be the drummer and overall person I am today. I see them as my ‘big brothers’ and we enjoy so much love and passion for music together. I just can’t help myself by being a sponge and soaking up all the knowledge from this great group of men.”

B.J. Montemayor

Band leader Jesse Garces III explains, “We’ve been playing music since we were kids. Our father, Jeusus Garces, Jr., taught us how to play our instruments, and we formed our own family band (“Los Hermanitos Garces”) in our younger years. We have now been playing for decades, but almost 21 years ago we changed our name to 'Pression.'"

The well-known Hispanic band has been nominated several times for various Tejano awards. Jesse III shares, “Some years we win, and some years we don’t. That’s the nature of the music business.”

Currently, he is excited because they have a relatively new single – “Rey Del La Tristesa” – which is one of the top 10 songs on the charts, and it’s being played widely on all Tejano radio stations across the country.

Pression's single, “Rey Del La Tristesa,” is one of the top 10 songs on the charts, and it’s being played widely on Tejano radio
stations across the country.

When asked about some of the group’s favorite venues to play their music, Jesse III says, “We love performing at places like House of Blues (in both Dallas and Houston locations), the Aztec Theater in San Antonio, and on several different occasions we have starred at Billy Bob’s Texas ballroom. Pression has also been honored to be featured at the State Fair of Texas and also at the Gas Monkey Live.”

But their heart and soul kind of events often turn out to be more private affairs. They stay booked quite frequently for smaller clubs, and family-type parties that include Quinceneras, other birthday celebrations, anniversary events, fundraiser benefits, etc.

Due to COVID-19, most of their appearances have been smaller in size, but in April, they hope to go back to public performances like before.

The band members are listed as:

* Jesse Garces III, from Weslaco, Texas – band leader, lead singer and plays accordion

* Jerry Garces, from Weslaco, Texas – plays bass guitar and is a vocalist

* Jesse Garza, from Guadalajara, Mexico – plays electric guitar

* Micheal Gonzales, from Chicago, Illinois – percussionist

* B.R. Montemayor, from Ennis – plays drums

* Isabel Pena, from Dallas – dancer

The Grupo Pression’s music can be found on iTunes, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and especially on YouTube, but all digital formats feature many of their songs and performances. All links are accessible by entering the category as “Tejano” music.

The band’s top three songs at the present time are “Rey Del La Tristesa,” “Hacer El Amor,” and “Sola.” In addition to their traditional Tejano music, they also feature some regional, country, rock, and a little bit of everything for the crowd to enjoy.

Jesse III says, “All of our original songs are written by myself and arranged by Jesse and Jerry Garces. We love writing and producing music for all our fans. It’s because of them that we’ve been doing what we love to do for a long time. And it is our hope that we can keep on providing quality music for our faithful fans as time goes on.”

As the band leader Jesse III concludes, “Like we always say ... 'feel the pressure!' "