Ellis County Homeless Coalition holds "Let's Get Warm Giveaway Event"

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

The Ellis County Homeless Coalition will hold its annual "Let's Get Warm Giveaway Event” for the fourth year, this Thursday, Jan. 28, inviting anyone in need to come. 

This event will serve to give away three hot meals, new coats and aid residents with any other service they may need. 

“What people should expect from Thursday, we have trained counters going throughout the county, looking for homeless people that we can count, and also we’ll provide rides to the event at First Baptist Church in the gymnasium, where they will receive a hot meal prepared by certain church groups and that evening's program is ‘Tacos for Life.’ They’ll be provided hot showers, there will be hairdressers giving haircuts..." shared James Bell, president of the Ellis County Homeless Coalition. 

There will also be a doctor at the event doing check-ups for attendees.

“We have coats and blankets and warm items to give away as well. We will then take them back to the site where we picked them up. There will be handouts of support services in the county that will be made available to the directory of agencies," said Bell.

The organization's event will go from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., hosted at First Baptist Church on 287 and Brown Street in Waxahachie.

"Then there will be an evening program that we’re addressing to people that are looking at being evicted and also for the public on dealing with homeless people," stated Bell.

On Thursday, the coalition will also be participating in its annual Point-In-Time (PIT) Count that they do every January.  

According to the group's website on PIT, “This annual one-day event is a requirement under Federal Law. It is an unduplicated count of people experiencing homelessness. The count provides a snapshot of our homeless population, both sheltered and unsheltered, on a single night to help determine a greater understanding and most importantly – data – to plan local homeless assistance systems, public services, and public awareness of the growing impact of homelessness. The PIT Count takes place in every city in the United States at the end of January.”

For more information on the event, visit http://elliscountyhomeless.com/ or access the coalition's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/elliscountyhomeless .