White Rhino Coffee opens another location in Arlington.

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

The White Rhino Coffee shop has once again expanded, now opening its doors to the Arlington community. 

The local coffee shop first opened in 2007 in a small house in Cedar Hill. Since then, the coffee shop has slowly been expanding through the DFW area, including one of its bigger locations in Waxahachie.

In December, the Arlington location gave customers an early-Christmas surprise when it opened for business earlier than expected. 

The front of the new White Rhino location is seen in Arlington. The coffee shop plans to expand again this spring, with two more locations planned - in the St. Thomas neighborhood of Dallas and Fort Worth.

“We opened up on Friday the 18th. We have had great reception so far from the Arlington community. As of yesterday, we have added 500 new loyalty members from the Arlington community to our Rhino rewards program. Everyone seems to be enjoying the location,” shared Mary O’Connor, chief marketing officer.

Although it’s the fifth White Rhino Coffee in the area, the Arlington location is the first to have a drive-through.

“For us, it’s our first drive-through location as well. First drive-through location, so that offers the residents of Arlington a chance to have truly no contact drive-through, get their food handed to them and their beverages handed to them in drive-through and be through the other end, which I think is gonna be really great, especially for the students as they start to come back to school in the next three weeks,” O’Connor said.

With the new location being open for almost a month, O’Connor says that the Arlington community has been extremely welcoming as they settle in. 

“We’re excited to be in Arlington. I think also one of the things that makes Arlington special is the tight-knit community that it is. Arlington rallies around Arlington, and we think that’s fantastic, and every time we go into a community, we not only try to hire locally, promote locality, but we also support the community locally,” O’Connor said. “We ingrain ourselves into the community, and then we make sure that as the Parvin Group annually, we give over a million dollars in time and treasure back into the communities in which we work and live.”

Although its fifth location has only recently opened, the coffee shop isn’t stopping its expansion there. 

Come March, White Rhino plans to open two more locations: One will be in the St. Thomas neighborhood of uptown Dallas and another in Fort Worth.

“We’ve been incredibly blessed through the COVID-19 pandemic, and even through quarantine, we’ve been able to keep 100 percent of our employees employed, including all of our baristas. So for us, it was an opportunity to take advantage of the down time, really work to expand our brand and create a safe place for new employees to come work and for customers to come and enjoy our craft coffee and food bites,” said O’Connor. “Our hope is that it will be a location ... similar to Waxahachie, where students feel comfortable to come and sit and study and meet in our location in a safe manner."

For new customers unsure of what to order, O'Connor has shared her favorite drink. “My favorite is the Mint Condition, and if I pair it with a chicken biscuit, it makes for a heck of a Friday," she said.

The mission statement of the business states, “We exist to build profitably growing companies so that we can give back to the Kingdom of God, make the world a better place, and enrich our employees’ lives."

To take a peek at the menu and the additional locations, visit https://www.whiterhinocoffee.com/ .