City of Red Oak to complete their park project on March 5.

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

The city of Red Oak is set to complete its Sportscapes Live Oak Project come March 5, remodeling Lindsey Park.

The project was announced back in early 2020 and is focused on making the city baseball field bigger and better.

"Substantial competition is currently projected to be March 5th. This is of course dependent on no major weather delays," shared Alexa Beasley, Communications & Marketing Manager for the city of Red Oak. 

The new park will have a ribbon cutting with a date to be announced in the near future.

"We are super grateful for the city's commitment of investing in our youth and can't wait to offer an opportunity for our kids to play locally once again at what will be the best complex in Ellis County!" shared the Red Oak Baseball & Softball Association back in June.

The association also shared a recent update of the facility, including a picture of the field on Jan. 9.

"Check it out!!! Our fields are coming along. The city of Red Oak has informed us that they will be ready on MARCH 5TH!!!  Therefore we WILL play ball this spring!!! We are working on the link for registration now," stated the association.

The baseball fields during the process of its construction.

The park will contain two dugouts on each side of the field, four-foot galvanized sideline fences, a six-foot galvanized outside fence and under wooden pergolas bleachers. 

Recently, the Red Oak Baseball & Softball Association also became a member of the Red Oak Area Chamber.

Folks can view a video of the project and all that is expected on the Facebook page or you can click the link, .

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