Two Waxahachie police officers are promoted to corporals.

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

On Thursday evening, two Waxahachie police officers were promoted to corporal during a promotion ceremony, surrounded by their fellow police officers and loved ones.

With a crowd of about 20 covered in face masks, Chief Wade Goolsby led the meeting welcoming all who were present to recognize officers Andrew Gonzales and Abe Partington.

“Well welcome everybody,” began Goolsby. “This is a big day for these guys and a big day for the department.”

City staff and city council members, including Mayor David Hill, City Manager Michael Scott, Assistant City Manager Albert Lawrence and Councilwoman Mary Lou Shipley, were present at the ceremony. 

City Manager Michael Scott congratulates the officers during the promotion ceremony.

Hill stepped in to say a few words: “It’s been a busy day in our nation, and if you watch the news, I’m sure you knew. So it makes it even more important for us to be together on an occasion like this and let y’all know that we support you and the city is behind each and every one of our officers in our department, your family, and we want to be treated like that and we want you treated that way.” 

“I would like to say publicly congratulations on the promotions, and I kind of sound like a broken record but I often talk about what a great culture we have here in Waxahachie," City Manager Michael Scott added at the ceremony. "It just kind of warms my heart to see young officers who embrace that culture, who work hard, thrive in this department. I think it’s really why we have such a bright future for Waxahachie PD. It’s a testimony of a lot of right things. ... Here locally we have a lot of good things going. Congratulations to you both; it’s an exciting day.”

City Councilwoman Mary Lou Shipley then shared a few words of congratulations. 

“I’m so proud of our city and the people in our police department. This seems like in the last few years, everything’s going well for us. Our city is doing things right, and I’m really proud of that. I’m proud to be a part of it, and I’m proud of you guys,” said Shipley. “I know it’s not fun every day, but we appreciate having you out there for us and we know you’re on our side, and so we thank you for that. Congratulations and let’s get to handing out the medals.”

After the many congratulatory speeches, Goolsby stepped in to swear in the officers at hand.

“You guys have really done well and I’ll share ... even though it’s been an extremely trying year,” said Goolsby, “they both really worked hard and both studied hard. Both these guys have obviously put in a lot of work into this. They wanted to promote and you know what, they don’t really realize yet is that they’ve made a huge step.”

Chief Wade Goolsby swears in Officer Andrew Gonzales, promoting him to corporal.

Gonzales thanked his wife for helping him study, with the various flash cards he utilized in preparation. 

Officer Partington also said a few words. “I appreciate my family and my wife and the unwavering support at home. I really appreciate it. I’m really supported here at the Waxahachie Police Department, at the city of Waxahachie. I will end with, it doesn’t take stripes or bars or stars on your uniform to be a leader. Come to work happy, work hard, just be the leader you want to work for," Partington said. 

Chief Wade Goolsby swears in Officer Abe Partington, promoting him to corporal.

Before wrapping up the ceremony and allowing everyone to grab a piece of cake in celebration, Goolsby said a few more words.

"As an officer, you get to just think about yourself, stay safe, do your job, get things done, but now that you’ve decided to put those stripes on, now you’ve got a bigger worry. ... now you want to take pride in what your people do and how you help them become successful. So the responsibility goes way up, the burden and heartaches goes way up, but the satisfaction goes up. Not only can you be satisfied about what you do, but you’ll be satisfied about what your people do. I know that both of you guys are gonna do a great job. I’ve watched you guys work and develop over the years, and it’s been fun. And it’s gonna be fun watching you develop as supervisors, and we’ll help you along the way. It’s a big day for the department," Goolsby said. "We do have a great future here, and you guys are a part of that. I’m proud of you, and I congratulate both of you."