Red Oak ISD celebrates board members during Board Recognition Month

Daily Light Report

RED OAK, TX — Red Oak ISD joins 1,024 school districts throughout Texas to celebrate January as School Board Recognition Month, honoring the men and women who serve the students, staff and community of ROISD.

“ROISD Board Members are representatives and advocates who prioritize the needs and interests of students. They have critical responsibilities and often make difficult decisions for our district, all without pay,” Superintendent Brenda Sanford said. “Their goal is always focused on the future success of the children in our district. On behalf of Red Oak ISD, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to each of our board members this month and throughout the year.”

Board members serve as a link between the community and classroom. Members are elected to establish the policies that provide the framework for public schools. According to a news release, "The ROISD School Board is responsible for a general fund annual budget of $62.8 million in support of 6,000 students and 950 employees across seven campuses. This past year was especially challenging, but the members of the Red Oak ISD School Board remained focused on navigating student and staff safety while providing a dual-platform of learning for academic success amid a pandemic."

In 2019, the board hired Brenda Sanford as the new superintendent and approved streamlined operations.

"The Board has prioritized people over the past two years, specifically providing raises for staff with teacher pay scales increasing thousands of dollars per step and support staff receiving substantial percentage raises to close the gap on area ISDs. The district is also completing a master facility plan to provide the best educational facilities for the future," stated the release.

The board will be honored at its monthly board meeting on Jan. 25 with notes of thanks and tokens of appreciation from students and staff.