The Ellis County Master Gardeners Association has released their annual calendar.

Daily Light Report

Ringing in the new year, many have opted to write resolutions or take on new hobbies. The Ellis County Master Gardeners have released tips for gardening in the month of January, along with their annual gardening calendar. 

The 2021 Gardening Calendar is available at all of the calendar sponsor’s locations.

For the month of January, the Master Gardeners are focusing on planting, pruning and fertilizing. 

The association first states to "plant trees, shrubs and woody ornamentals from nursery containers. Plant slightly above ground line to allow root flare to be exposed."

The tips for January surround the frigid weather North Texas is currently in. 

"Transplant small trees and shrubs while they are dormant. Water the plant well before digging it," states the January Newsletter. "Plant cold-tolerant herbs such as chives, cilantro, garlic and parsley; onion transplants late in the month. Seed for warm-weather annuals can be planted in flats in a temperature-controlled environment."

The next concept gardeners can focus on is pruning and fertilizing their greenery.

"Prune trees, including live oaks and red oaks, to remove dead, broken and unwanted branches. Apply pruning paint to any cut/wound on your oak trees to prevent oak wilt," shares the newsletter. "Water newly planted trees and shrubs as needed; and apply a liquid root stimulator monthly."

Additionally, the Ellis County Master Gardeners' 15th annual gardening calendar is now available with the theme, “Newcomers Guide To Gardening in North Texas.” The calendar includes all of the Master Gardener Events for the year.

Currently, the association plans on hosting its 2021 Ellis County Master Gardener Lawn and Garden Expo on March 27 at the Chautauqua Auditorium in Getzendaner Park in Waxahachie. The event was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information on the event is said to come soon. 

Folks can grab their free calendar at any of the locations of the calendar's sponsors, with a full list found at .

"While you are there to pick up your calendar, please shop at their businesses. Also thank them for sponsoring this year’s gardening calendar! 2020 was a very challenging year and without them there wouldn’t be a calendar," stated the association.