'Tiny Santas' from Methodist Dallas NICU Celebrate their first Christmas.

Daily Light report

Dallas — Although the year has been difficult to many because of the ongoing pandemic, 2020 can’t stop the nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit at Methodist Dallas Medical Center from giving their 'Tiny Santas' a special first Christmas.

Here is one of the 'Tiny Santas' displayed during Christmas time by Methodist Dallas Medical Center.

The nurses, part of a group called “Hooked on Preemies,” have crocheted hats for each of the babies again this year.

Every day leading up to Christmas Day, the hospital released two baby pictures on the Methodist Dallas and Methodist Health System Facebook pages and the Methodist Instagram account (MethodistHealthDFW).   

A mama and her 'Tiny Santa.'

According to a news release, "Each baby will come with a special message fit for 2020. From preemies waving goodbye to this miserable year to making funny expressions about 2020, you can find those captions on our social media."

A 'Tiny Santa' sleeps cozily wrapped in their blanket.
A newborn is warm in their crocheted Christmas tree hat.