Let the countdown for Showbiz Cinemas' grand reopening begin

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

After time in construction and renovation, Showbiz Cinemas will reopen to the public on Dec. 18 in Waxahachie, with 14 bowling lanes, 13 movie theaters, an arcade and a restaurant with a full bar. 

The business will open its doors at noon, with full access to all entities. The building has been in construction since February 2020 and will now be available within the next week. 

Showbiz Cinemas in Waxahachie, before the lettering gets added.

“It’s a state-of-the-art, beautiful theater, and I’m very excited that it gives the community about four different choices to do either alone or in combination. I’ve been in a lot of theaters. We think the protocol is very good and very safe, and I can assure you that people can be distanced successfully,” shared Jeremy Devine, vice president of marketing and content for Showbiz Cinemas. 

The newly added 14 bowling lanes in the building.

The theater will have new movie showings of "Monster Hunter," "Fatale" and "The Croods: A New Age." They will also have various Christmas classics premiering throughout the holiday season.

The family entertainment center will be occupying at 50 percent capacity when doors open.

Not only can people expect traditional movie fare, such as popcorn and fountain drinks, but this new facility will have an accessible ice cream and coffee bar. “So, if people on one hand want to get a coffee, that’s right there. If you want a latte or an espresso, that’s there. So it will all be sort of new. So it’s a pretty wide range,” shared Devine.

Like many other theaters, the cinema will also offer private auditorium rentals from different price ranges depending on the movie and on the amount of people.

Additionally, on Dec. 25, the cinema will begin showing "Wonder Woman: 1984," the sequel to "Wonder Woman."

For more information and to see the movies that will be showing, visit https://www.showbizcinemas.com/cinema-info/waxahachie/.