Addison woman thankful for new liver and new husband this Thanksgiving

Daily Light report

DALLAS — This Thanksgiving, 49-year-old Jillian Sniffen-Rogers of Addison had many things to be grateful for. 

Rogers spent more than a month gravely ill in the ICU at Methodist Dallas Medical Center before receiving a lifesaving liver transplant earlier this month. This week, nurses and doctors cheered her on as she left the hospital to continue her remarkable recovery at Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital.

“This will be the most meaningful Thanksgiving of my life,” said Rogers. “I’m a newlywed and was given a new life thanks to the generosity of my donor’s family.”

According to a news release, "Rogers suffered from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and was already in late-stage liver failure when she arrived at Methodist Dallas in early October. She needed a liver transplant immediately — without it, her doctors feared she had just weeks to live."

As she waited for a liver in the ICU, she and her fiancé, Julian Rogers, decided to tie the knot on Oct. 22.  A hospital chaplain married the couple while nurses provided the decorations.

Three weeks later, on Sunday, Nov. 15, Dr. Alejandro Mejia performed the transplant —giving Rogers a second chance at life. Rogers received the liver of a 20-year-old deceased donor from out of state.