Good Samaritan Project celebrates a year of giving

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

The Good Samaritan Project is celebrating a year of giving to the Waxahachie community and looking back at all that the ministry has been able to do for the people.

This project became a reality after Donna Aud felt the Lord place the burden on her heart, she said.

“It was on a cold rainy day in November 2019 when I felt the Lord directing me to make soup and feed as many as I could,” began Aud. “I said to my husband, ‘I want to make a big ol' pot of soup and feed people,' to which he replied, ‘that's good honey, but where?’

Cars line up for free lunch Nov.18.

I said, ‘I  don't know, but if God is in it, a door will open’.”

A day or so later, Aud contacted Sonny and Kay Sides with the Waxahachie Little Pantry and asked if she could set up a table in their driveway and serve soup to whoever stopped by, and they said yes. 

Cookies made homemade by Donna Aud.

The first day the outreach ministry offered soup, 27 community members were fed. 

Now, the name for the ministry came to Aud soon after, she said.

“The realization that this ministry was going to need a name quickly became evident. I knew there would be other opportunities to serve the community. The name was easy,” Aud said. “My Papa, the late Rev. Louie C. Jackson, was enormously influential in my life. One of his favorite passages in the Bible is found in the book of Luke, the 10th chapter. The parable of the good Samaritan. Papa's life was a true reflection of the act of kindness the good Samaritan extended to a stranger. In the passage, Jesus says "Go and do likewise". Papa did, and as he taught me by his example, I am striving to do the same.”

The first free lunch hosted by the Good Samaritan Project.

Kay Sides shared a bit about the Good Samaritan Project and its impact on the community: “We supply food in that and people donate or supply, and people can come and get food out of it 24 hours a day, whatever they need. If people have extra or they want to donate, then they can donate and put it in there or they can give it to us and we’ll put it in throughout the year,” Sides said. “We’ve been doing that for almost four years. Donna asked if she could serve a meal here, free for people, and I said sure. And so she did it, and it went over real well. She’s just an awesome person with the biggest heart and a wonderful cook.”

On Wednesday, Nov. 18,  the ministry gave out Thanksgiving bags, toiletries bags and lunch.

“It is a blessing to have others volunteer to assist in my efforts to serve. I may do the shopping, preparing, cooking/baking, delivering and communicating with folks, yet I am certainly not alone. During the first year, there have been about eight people who have volunteered to help serve free lunch, usually four or five any given month including myself,” Aud said.

In their first year active, the ministry has aided about 600 people through monthly free lunches, hygiene bags and additional needs.

"As we are growing ever close to Thanksgiving, Day, my heart is full of gratitude. Who knew 2020 would hold so many blessings during a season of so much uncertainty," shared Aud. "It's about people, pure & simple. People reaching out to people. It doesn't matter what clothes you wear, what car you drive. People need a physical display that says, someone cares."

For more information on the ministry, visit the Facebook page .