Faith Family Academy students participate in Explore 360 program

Daily Light Report

The Faith Family Academy’s 10th-12th grade students participated in the school’s Explore 360 program during the week of Oct. 26. 

The students spent the day enjoying orienteering, archery, hay rides and nature hikes.

According to a news release, "EXPLORE 360 Adventure Learning is an innovative, experiential education program that that combines academic learning with socio-emotional skills. The program engages students in real-world leadership and socio-emotional learning activities that develop pro-social skills and positive personal relationships with others."

Explore 360 is more than just an outdoor education program: It is a core part of the academic curriculum at Faith Family Academy that combines classroom study with the application of concepts in real-world, outdoor settings, the release says. 

Developed in 2018, Explore 360 Adventure Learning has since expanded to serve PreK-12th grades through a School Climate Transformation Grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

For 2020-2021, Explore 360 is using the 360 Ranch in Henrietta, Texas, as the destination for all grade levels, with access to the ranch provided by a member of the Faith Family Education Foundation board.

The program benefits include:

  • Learning new skills to inspire a fascination and appreciation for the outdoors
  • Understanding of the need to conserve and preserve our natural resources
  • Improved leadership and socio-emotional skills, including determination, perseverance, self-esteem, problem solving and self-regulation
  • Real-world experience through visits to state parks, national parks and other natural resources

Visits to 360 Ranch include age-appropriate outdoor activities designed to let students put new skills into practice, provide leadership opportunities, develop socio-emotional skills, and create positive experiences with teachers and peers.