The Waxahachie City Council votes are being counted

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

As voting closes for the General Election, the final ballots will be counted for the Waxahachie City Council seats and they will be filled by the end of tonight.

In place for City Council Place 1, current Mayor David Hill has campaigned head to head with Chief Financial Officer Paul Christenson.

Hill is a retired businessman, currently serving his seventh year of an extended third term on the city council.

Current Mayor David Hill is running for reelection for City Council Place 1.

In his candidate questionnaire, Hill shared why he is seeking office, “With over 45 years of experience in the construction industry, and at a time when our community is experiencing considerable growth, I feel my participation continues to be of tremendous value. Working with our City Manager and Staff, our Building Department has been transformed from top to bottom now issuing residential permits in less than a week,” said Hill.

Paul Christenson is running against opponent David Hill for the City Council Place 1 position.

His opponent, Christenson holds a degree in business administration from the University of Chicago. 

“I am running for Waxahachie City Council, Place 1, because we need to change our approach to growth and spending. There was likely a time in our history when any growth was good for Waxahachie. But today, unchecked growth is destroying the character of our city, and its affordability.,” shared Christenson through his questionnaire. “Residents are acutely aware that the city council has increased property taxes by ten percent, on average, for the past four years. But our city is only growing at a rate of roughly 3.5% a year. The council has failed to justify these tax increases to the people, much less has it solicited any meaningful feedback from the people it serves.”

According to unofficial voting results, Hill is in the lead with 8,012 votes. Christenson currently has 4,475 votes. 

In the run for City Council Place 2 are the candidates Tiffany Duran, Patrick Souter and Doug Barnes.

Duran is a small business owner who wants to bring a resident perspective to the position. 

Tiffany Duran runs for the City Council Place 2 position.

“My hope if elected, is to be a voice for the people of Waxahachie from a residential level. I am not a politician by no means, and have no such history. I have no political vocabulary, even. I am simply a person who lives in Waxahachie who has a prayer life and a strong backbone. I care greatly what happens in our community and I believe that as residents and Christians in the community, we are called to serve on all levels and not merely be partakers,” shared Duran through her campaign facebook page. 

Souter is a practicing attorney and Baylor Law School professor who is running to give a voice to the people of Waxahachie. 

Patrick Souter runs for the City Council Place 2 position.

“I was encouraged to run for Waxahachie City Council by numerous citizens who held the common belief that they did not have voice in how the City operates, questioned why certain business arrangements are entered into and complained of the lack of transparency. I want to be a voice for all who live in Waxahachie and offer a new perspective on how the City operates,” shared Souter. 

Third candidate, Barnes, has served as the Waxahachie Economic Development Director for 18 years. 

Doug Barnes runs for City Council Place 2.

“I have been blessed to work with a talented team on the City staff and help bring many great improvements to Waxahachie. I am looking forward to bringing everything I have learned to the council and plan to contribute from day one,” said Barnes.”

According to unofficial voting results, Duran is in the lead by 5,155 votes. Souter currently has 3,416 votes and Barnes has 3,550 votes. 

In run for City Council Place 3, Melissa Olson and Kevin Strength are in the run. 

Olson is seeking re-election to the council, after previously serving in the Ellis County Republican Precinct 140 Chair for 2018-19.

Melissa Olson runs for reelection for City Council Place 3.

“I’m seeking re-election to the Waxahachie City Council so that I can represent the residents of our great community and be their voice in City Hall. While we have made progress in transparency, we still have room for improvement,” shared Olson in her questionnaire. “Also, while we have lowered the tax rate for the first time in years, I will strive to continue lowering taxes without affecting services, by cutting unwise spending wherever possible.”

Additionally, candidate Strength served as former mayor of the city. 

Former Mayor Kevin Strength runs for Place 3 of City Council.

“As former Mayor and current Councilman, I am running on a record of accomplishment and strong leadership. I recognize more growth and prosperity is still ahead but yet work to be done,” shared Strength. 

According to unofficial voting results, Melissa Olson is in the lead with 6,667 votes. Strength currently has 5,972 votes. 

Official results will be finalized by the end of the night.