House on Harbin Avenue decks out for Halloween fun

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

As the Halloween holiday grew closer, one couple on Harbin Avenue made sure their house was decked out, showcasing the spirit of Halloween to the entire neighborhood. 

Dean Head and his wife moved to the city of Waxahachie in July of last year and are celebrating Halloween for the second year in the city. 

The house at 207 Harbin Ave. is ready for Halloween.

Originally from England, Head said that Halloween was never celebrated growing up across the pond.

“I was raised in London ... where we didn't really have Halloween, we didn’t really have trick-or-treating. So when I came over to America 16, 17 years ago, we lived in Colorado in the mountains and no trick-or-treat. Then we moved to Fort Lauderdale, where everyone is about 90 years of age and no trick-or-treat,” Head shared. “Then we moved to Austin in an apartment and no trick-or-treat.”

The Harbin Avenue house's doorway is decorated with a skeleton in a bow tie.

Since his many years in America, Head has finally found a place where trick-or-treating takes place, and last year he and his wife gave away 3,500 pieces of candy. The candy only lasted for a few hours. 

“My wife actually started giving out pairs of sunglasses to the kids because we ran out of candy. It was hilarious,” Head chuckled. “So this year we bought 4,000 (pieces). I still think we’re going to get a good turnout.”

Head and his wife will be dressed up as well, as they did last year. 

This year, the house on Harbin Avenue is stocked with candy and has again invited the Waxahachie community to stop by. 

“I know there’s COVID. Obviously we’re going to take it real seriously. We’re gonna wear masks and gloves and put candy on the table ... but they can’t take this holiday from the kids. They can wear their masks and get dressed up. We just love holidays, especially in times like this where everyone is so depressed,” said Head. 

The couple decorated the house with spiderwebs and skeletons, joining the festivities. They even went as far as dangling ghosts across their front yard. 

“We dress every year regardless. We loved dressing up. We love our holidays period," shared Head.

Head also mentioned that if candy happened to be left over, it would be donated to a shelter nearby. Head's house is located on 207 Harbin Ave. in Waxahachie. 

Additionally, on Thursday, downtown Waxahachie held its annual Trick-or-treat on the square, and merchants passed out candy to children.