Partners in Education commence 14th annual Blaze a Trail to Literacy program

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

The 14th annual Blaze a Trail to Literacy program was launched Oct. 5, by Partners in Education in partnership with the Waxahachie Fire Department. 

This program originally began when the Waxahachie Fire-Rescue approached Waxahachie Independent School District regarding this literacy program. The fire department has developed the guidelines, reading log and have provided prizes throughout the history of this program. 

“I have been over Blazing a Trail since it started. I had not been with the department for very long, so I spoke with Battalion Chief Don Alexander, and he was behind it 100 percent,” said firefighter Dustin Griffin. “He helped me pitch the idea to Chief Hudgins, and we started planning it. I had friends at other fire departments who had similar programs, and they all loved them.”

Waxahachie Fire Department team up with WISD Partners in Education for the 14th year of the Literacy Program.

The reading contest is open to all Waxahachie ISD students in grades first through fifth, ending on Oct. 18.

“WISD students have loved being part of this program as they become competitive to read and read more to win,” shared Director of Partners in Education Melissa Cobb. "This program encourages students to read and the benefits of reading are far reaching.  Blaze a Trail to Literacy Reading Initiative is fun for our students as they experience both the value and the joy of reading!”

This program encourages students to read, as they strive to be a winner.

"Blaze a Trail to Literacy Reading Initiative is fun for our students as they experience both the value and the joy of reading!" said Cobb. 

Parents have been asked to tally the total number of minutes read, per day, on a timesheet provided by the child's teacher and sign where indicated to confirm the information.

The student who accumulates the most minutes for his or her grade level will be declared the winner. There will be a total of five winning students per elementary school, one student in each grade level. 

“WISD is grateful to Waxahachie Fire-Rescue for their long and continued support of this program.  We will make some adjustments during this unique year and will look forward to our continued partnership as we encourage more students to read in the future ahead!” stated Cobb. 

Once the contest is finished, the Waxahachie Fire-Rescue Department will tally the minutes and declare the 2020 winners. Each winner will be awarded a prize.

"I feel like this has been a great program to be a part of. It is always nice when the Fire Department can be a part of the community in different ways. It is nice to have a school district and city that are so willing to try things and allow us to be a part of such a great opportunity,” shared Griffin.