Ansell: A gentle reminder that love is a verb


The Blonde has been busy, and it’s a good busy, and she likes what she has been doing, so that makes me happy. The trouble is that it’s Friday, and Friday is my day off - so I am home alone (we always spend Fridays together).  Ugh!

I’ve been prayer walking the community, so I did that.  Came home and ate a pot pie while I watched a rerun of Adam 12.  Went out and shot a few baskets (I was 4 for 5 from the free throw line).  Came inside and drank some coffee out of the carafe leftover from breakfast.  It was lukewarm, so now I totally get what God was saying in Revelation 3:16.  It tasted like something my Grandpa Ansell drank back in the day between cigarettes (everyone should have a grandpa named Virgil).  It’s warm outside, so I took the top and the doors off the red Jeep and went for a ride through town.  I have grown weary of posting stuff on social media that says, “Hey, look at me!” so I am sitting at the kitchen table frustrated and bored.

Ken Ansell

Since I’m bored, I decided to end the long distance shunning I started 2 weeks ago after I dropped an old friend from all my social media accounts.  I sent my friend a text message and asked him about his college football team.  It worked.  We are speaking (texting) again.  This guy lacks some basic DNA that allows him to get it, do you know the type?  To say he has some character flaws would be an understatement.   When it comes to people that are hard to love, I am reminded of Mother Teresa’s words, “Love them anyway.”  

I am blessed to stand behind a piece of furniture (pulpit) on Sunday morning and share with people how to live if you love Jesus.  Often as I speak, I wonder if the “what” is missing.  What I’m saying is, we tell people to do things like “love” but “what” is love?  Love is not being nice, I can tell you that.  Nice is way overrated, and real love is way undervalued.  Love is only known by its action, therefore love is a verb.  Love means you desire the best for the person you say you love.  Love does not run with your natural inclinations, in other words love is hard (just think about Jesus hanging on a cross naked).  Love does the right thing even when we don’t want to.  I guess that’s what best selling author Bob Goff said when he titled his book, "Love Does".  At the end of the day, if you are not doing, you are not loving.  He told me to tell you that.