Ansell: A prayer for revival and remembering all-powerful God


There’s a story about a preacher, who was using Genesis 22 as his Scripture text.  In this passage, God asks Abraham to take his son Isaac and offer him as a sacrifice … after the preacher read the text, he started talking about the historical background of this period of time, the prevalence of child sacrifice among the Canaanite people … then the pastor asked, “What does this story mean to us?”

One guy spoke up, “I’ll tell you what this story means for me.  I’ve decided that me and my family are looking for another church.”

The pastor was a little shocked and asked, “Why, are you going to do that?”

The man said, “Because, when I look at the God of Abraham, I feel I am near a real God, not the sort of businesslike, Rotary Club God we chatter about here on Sundays.  Abraham’s God could blow a man to bits, give and then take a child, ask for everything from a person and then want more. I want to know that God!”

Ken Ansell

The only part of that story that I find a little offensive is the part about the Rotary Club. I’m a former Rotarian, and while attending Rotary meetings, I sometimes had to open my eyes wide to see if I was at church or at Rotary. What I mean by that is Rotary was often more like a family than some churches I’ve been a part of in the past. At Rotary, we often prayed for one another and we practiced loving one another - but I get this guy’s point: How many people in churches today want to experience this all-powerful Person that speaks things into existence, never changes, never sleeps and can do far more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)?

At some point in our Christian walk, we should no longer be satisfied with just hearing about God; we should want to know God.  We should desire a deep and weighty relationship that leaves us like Moses with a sunburn because we have been in the presence of the Holy Father (Exodus 34:30). My prayer is that the modern day church would experience revival, be renewed and move from lukewarm to red hot. How about you? He asked me to ask you that.