Waxahachie ISD teacher publishes children's book on balancing device habits

Ashley Ford | aford@waxahachietx.com
Kishmi Davis is a seventh grade English teacher at Finley Junior High. She recently published her first book, "Wi-Fi Kicked the Bucket," which is loosely based off of her life.


Seventh grade English teacher, Kishmi Davis, crossed off another life-accomplishment from her bucket list after publishing her first book, “Wi-Fi Kicked the Bucket.”

The plot of the children’s book is based on a real-life experience Davis and her three children went through after their household router was turned off. The kids were left without Internet and forced to interact only with each other, face-to-face.

Davis is a teacher at Finley Junior High School and has always dabbled in writing her own content but never had a story worth finishing.

“I’ve always have wanted to write something and put it out there just for the heck of it. And I figured, I teach writing, so how cool would it be if I wrote a book,” Davis expressed.

In the summer of 2016, Davis attended a seminar hosted for teachers. It was there she became heavily influenced to chase her goal. Michelle Stemson planted the seed in her mind after the workshop on authorship.

Davis worked on the book for over a year. She said a person could not revise and rewrite enough. But through the process, “I learned that I have grit. To be an Indie author, no one is really there to help you or guide you.”

She also noticed how un-tech-savvy she is as her children brought her up-to-date how Facebook isn’t the only platform for social media these days.

The message the reader can gain at the end of the book is balancing screen time and time spent with interacting face-to-face with family.

“What I see my students and my children is that they are fully engulfed by their device. And the social part of two people talking is going away, and that’s so scary for me,” Davis admitted.

“What I sometimes do at home is unplug the Wi-Fi, and they know that’s their signal to do something else,” she added. “So they have to use the other side of the brain and get creative. I don’t have anything against devices; I just think that you need that balance to make yourself whole.”

In the book, mamma rabbit grows concerned after she noticed how immersed her children were in their devices. She then gets the idea of turning off the Wi-Fi, therefore, forcing her children and husband to interact with each other and play.

In the meantime, the mamma rabbit is diverting her kids’ focus off the loss of internet connection. But, at the end of the book mamma rabbit disclosed how she intentionally turned off the Wi-Fi and came clean about using the Internet while her kids were outside playing.

Now that Davis has proven to herself that she can be an Indie author, meaning she does most of the process herself, she plans to write a series of books. Eventually, she wants to write elementary-level chapter books and then move up to the middle school level of reading.

She said all of her books would incorporate different families and other characters from her books will eventually come together. All of her books will focus not only the balance of devices and human interaction but also the importance of relationships.

Looking back on her accomplishment, Davis said she feels “Proud. I’m excited and now that I know it can be done, I know I can write many and how many messages can you put out there where people are taking the time to think about it. This is a fun book, but at the end, there is a lesson.”

Most recently, Davis had a book signing at Half Priced Books in Cedar Hill and had a sell-out. Her book, “Wi-Fi kicked the Bucket” can be purchased on Amazon.com.

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