Sherlock Holmes the Play premieres this Friday in Ennis

Daily Light Report

A new, family-friendly adaptation of “Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Priory School” opens this Friday at the theater located at 505 NW Main St. in Ennis. 

The script by H. Lee McMillion is based on one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s own favorite tales featuring his famous detective. This particular version is full of humor, suspense, a little song and dance.

Aaron Brazell and Jonathan Stewart both in costume for the play.

According to a news release, "A flustered headmaster, Thorneycroft Huxtable (Rockey Carter of Mesquite), seeks help from Sherlock Holmes (Andrew Williams of Red Oak) in solving the disappearance of the young son of the Duke of Holdernesse (Paul D. Perry of Milford). Holmes and his trusted colleague, Dr. John Watson (Connor Perry of Milford), agree to look into the case, which quickly takes a darker turn. Neither the duke’s secretary, James Wilder (Roland Carter of Mesquite) nor the local Constable (Ethan Binder of Ennis) seems too pleased to have Holmes and Watson poking around in the affair. And the school’s German instructor, Master Heidegger (Simon Bailey of Waxahachie), also has gone missing."

In the play, Holmes questions students from the Priory School (Ethan Brazell of Ennis and Jonathan Stewart of Palmer) and the superstitious school housekeeper, Mrs. Edith White (Kelly Kovar of Ennis, understudy Charlene Andrews of Palmer), who is assisted by her two gossipy maids (Madeleine Makay of Waxahachie and Annie Jane Adams of Ennis). Spurred on by gathered information, Holmes and Watson traverse the moors, encountering local maids (Samantha Matthews and Olivia Riojas, both of Waxahachie) and surly inn owner Reuben Hayes (Kenneth Wayne of Red Oak).

In addition, suspicion has fallen upon a band of Irish Travellers encamped nearby (Jacquelyn Bailey of Waxahachie, Abigail Brazell of Ennis, Shiloh Brazell of Ennis, Tori Fisher of Waxahachie, Samie Jo Green of Ennis, Julia Hauffe of Waxahachie, Kimberly Koelzer of Waxahachie, and Grace Martin of Waxahachie). Fears surrounding the Gypsies lead the Constable and his men (Jonathan Brazell and Gideon Binder, both of Ennis) to pay a visit to their camp.

Sherlock Holmes, Andrew Williams and Connor Perry, Dr. John Watson,  try to sort out information from housekeeper Edith White.

The theater invites people to come out and put on your detective caps and try to solve the mystery before Sherlock Holmes does. 

The performance times are 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, April 23 to May 8. There are also two matinee performances at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, May 2, and Saturday, May 8.

Tickets are $12 for students and senior adults and $15 for general adult admission, and they can be purchased online at

For additional information or reservations, please call 972-878-5126 .