Young Ennis woman promotes her love for chic fashion

By Patty Hullett
For the Daily Light

Kyndale Kozlovsky, an Ellis County young lady, has become a fashion entrepreneur at the age of 22.

She was born, raised, and currently resides in her hometown of Ennis. Kozlovsky started her own line of clothing on May 29 and is proud to announce the opening of her online virtual shop known as “The Branded Babes Boutique”.

Not only does Kozlovsky offer online shopping at her social media and website, but she also wants to keep making herself visible to the Ellis County and surrounding areas by appearing at pop-up events such as fairs, festivals, open-air markets, Canton Trade Days, and other vendor-driven opportunities in the future.

Online shop owner Kyndale Kozlovsky displaying some of her clothing at Ennis Polka Festival on May 29.

She started her business venture at Ennis’ own 54th National Polka Festival over the Memorial Day Weekend, May 28-30. She was overwhelmed with the huge crowds and the community support.

Kozlovsky says, “I’ve always had a love for fashion for as long as I can remember. I knew I wanted to work with clothes in some way. When I finally considered starting my own boutique, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so I ran with it! Although I haven’t had any professional training, I’ve done a tremendous amount of research and I’m learning what works best for my boutique.”

Kyndale Koxlovsky is the owner of a new online shop, and she also sells her clothing line at open air markets.

“I think the best way to describe the style of clothing I promote is western chic, with a boho (“bohemian”) influence. It blends together the traditional western fashion with chic designer and boho influences, resulting in a unique combination that I absolutely love! My passion is to use a variety of turquoise, band tees, cheetah print, biker shorts, unique denim pants, skirts, and shorts – and everything in between!”

Kozlovsky recently returned from her first wholesale shopping excursion at the Dallas Market Center, just north of the downtown Dallas area. The excited new business owner states, “That was actually my first buying trip to market, but I will definitely be going back. I made sure to stock up, so there are plenty of cute new arrivals coming soon to The Branded Babes Boutique! All of the other items I carry, I’ve either purchased online from wholesalers, or created myself. I’ve customized some of the women’s t-shirts and  little girl’s shirts in order to bring a creative idea to life. It’s always exciting to start with a blank t-shirt and finish with a unique piece of art that I have designed myself.”

She continues, “A few of my favorite brands that I've discovered are Gina Tees, Saints and Hearts, and By Together. However, most of the time, when I’m looking for new items to carry, I don’t stick to any specific brands. I like to shop around and wait for something to catch my eye!”

Some t-shirt bodysuits for sale through the Branded Babes Boutique.

Kozlovsky's boutique also carries a wide array of women’s shoes and accessories including jewelry, belts, and hats. Her distinctive apparel are primarily for women, but there are some girl's clothing items as well. She says, “I don’t currently have a store front yet for my trendy merchandise, but that’s my dream for the future! I would love to have my own shop for people to be able to shop with me in person all the time. But, maybe ... one day...”

Kyndale Kozlovsky shown at her jewelry counter for her shop, The Branded Babes Boutique.

For the time being, interested customers can shop at The Branded Babes Boutique website, and follow along on social media on Facebook (The Branded Babes - Ennis, Texas) and Instagram @brandedbabesboutique. 

Kozlovsky shares, “I loved every second of having a booth at the Ennis Polka Festival in May. I had such a great turnout, so I’m looking forward to setting up more pop-up events in the future. I am already booked for the upcoming Westfest, the Czech/ Polka Festival in West, Texas, Sept. 3-5. Can’t wait to share my style of fashion with the world!”