WISD teacher launches book publishing company, after publishing 4 of his own books

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

Local Waxahachie resident and WISD Pre-K teacher David Flores has recently taken the step to launch his own publishing company, after publishing several books  last year. 

The publishing company, BrownieBooks, was an idea that came to Flores after going through the tedious process of publishing his ideas.

David Flores poses with daughter Aspen next to his book "Shooting the Ball!"

“I started writing my first book, and it was about maybe five years ago. I started a little program called Soccer Little, which was teaching kids to read through soccer games and just thinking of ideas of how to engage the kids. Teaching Pre-K for so long, I was like, books with great illustrations just captured the kids' imagination, you know,” said Flores. “Initially, I was just going to use it just to teach the kids on my own. People started getting interested in wanting their own copies. So, that's where it all started, and I started looking into how to get the book published. It’s a crazy market out there.”

Once he wrote his first book, he attempted to get it published through different agencies, but the results came back the same. He kept getting rejected. 

“I know it’s a book kids want to read, kids want to have at home, and the parents really enjoy reading to kids, so that’s pretty much how it started.” Flores said. “Due to how the market works in publishing, I started looking into self-publishing and into what I need to get done in order to get a book in the market.”

Flores looked into self-publishing through Amazon and published his first book, "My First Soccer Game," successfully. However, his success hasn’t stopped there. 

“The first store came by, and they wanted my book in their store, which is ‘The Laughing Willow.’ It’s a pretty awesome shop over there in Bishop Arts. People started buying it, and it was selling a lot.The owner would call me and say, ‘Hey David, we’re out of books, we need more books,’ so I kept ordering more,” Flores explained. “Then I published my third book, and that was my second soccer book, and I went through the same process, though with my fourth book, I started looking into hardbacks and marketing to a more broad audience.” 

He’s been able to get the word out through different markets since his start. After going through the process and hardships of publishing his own books, Flores wants to help other writers who are figuring it out. That's where his own publishing company comes in.

“Getting the word out through those markets, I started opening my new website, which is BrownBooks.com," Flores said. "I decided this is something I really enjoy, and I know that there are so many more people out there that have great ideas but maybe don’t know how to put it together and publish it themselves. So I said, let’s go ahead, and started getting the word out, and start getting other people involved and see how we can work together to get these stories out."

He has yet to publish another person’s book, but he is hopeful. 

“I know that so many talented teachers, especially Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers ... I know there are a lot of people out there that would love to do this, and I think with what I’ve learned myself ... I can help others get their books out there,” Flores said.

Currently, he has four published works and is working on three others. 

His published books are:

  1.  My First Soccer Game/ Mi Primer Partido de Fútbol
  2.  Shooting the Ball! ¡Disparando la Pelota!
  3. Mis Chanclas and My Chones
  4. Tita la Gallinita. A Little Hen Named Tita

Flores shared his ideas for the three books he wants to publish next. 

The first one will be about the ABC’s and will include words from his Salvadoran culture. His second book will be called "W is for Waxahachie" and will include many Ellis County cities. The third book will be named "The boy who cried falta," based on the boy who called wolf, but with a boy who plays soccer and fake falls. 

“Yes, education, teaching has really inspired me to write books on soccer, but it didn’t really take off until my daughter – my first born – she’s 3 years old, and she absolutely loves books. That is all she wants to do is read books. We watch very little TV at home. We read all the time, and I just wanted to write and make her proud,” Flores said.

To take a peek at Flores' publishing site, visit https://www.browniebooks.com/ 

“The book is out there and has been selling consistently ... We’re going to have the books in Galveston at another boutique. Little by little, we’re distributing the book to stores in the area," Flores said.