Pop's Burger Stand Returns with its 'Thursday Nite Cruise in'

Kenya Menjivar
Waxahachie Daily Light

This Thursday, March 18, Pop's Burger Stand is holding its fifth annual "Thursday Nite Cruise In," beginning after clocks "spring forward," once again.

Lee Edwards, known as Pops throughout town, opened his burger stand almost six years ago and has acquired attention from all over the area.

Lee Edwards, known as Pops throughout town, opened his burger stand almost six years ago. Here, he shows his sweet ride next to his burger stand.

His annual cruise began with his personal love for cars. He has a 1963 Red Ford Falcon Sprint 260 V8 4spd. 

“I’m a car guy, and I wanted a burger stand where car guys could come cruise and have a burger and drink a beer or a glass of tea and just hang out,” Edwards said. “Daylight savings time starts this Sunday. We do it during daylight savings time, and our first show will be next Thursday, March 18, and then we have one every Thursday until daylight savings time is over, usually during October or November.”

People bring their wheels, sharing their nice rides at a "Thursday Nite Cruise In" from a previous year.

During cruise nights, community members are welcome to bring their cars and grab a bite at the burger stand. 

The event last year was canceled at first due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it picked up a few months later. Edwards says the real challenge will be the ongoing traffic in downtown Waxahachie. 

“What hurts now is the construction.‘Two Amigos,’ they need all the love they can get. They have no parking. I know nothing about their business and their finances or nothing like that. I just know they’re good friends, and they’re good neighbors,” Edwards said. 

Due to the construction, he said parking has been a hassle for the business.

“It’s going to be a challenge more so this year than ever before, but we’ll just work with what we have. I’m telling all my car people, please bear with us ... but we need y’all now more than ever. Don’t give up on us. We have another year and three or four months of construction left,” Edwards explained. “I say that not only for Pops Burger Stand, I say that for all businesses in downtown Waxahachie. We all need Waxahachie to just not forget us and patronize us. We need the help.” 

The event will begin at 5 p.m. Thursday, with live music from the band Pocket Change on the patio, and will go until 8 p.m.

“It’s a camaraderie with all the car fans, the car owners. It’s just a good place to get together in fellowship and have a good time,” Edwards shared. "It blows my mind. People come from all over to eat at my burger place. And I go why? And they go, ‘You have great burgers.' ”

Edwards reiterated that this event is for all, welcoming all families, kids and even dogs. 

"Classics, Hot Rods, Bike’s, Tractors, even Wheel Barrel, if it’s got wheels and it rolls, bring it," Edwards said. 

Visit their Facebook Page, @popsburgerswaxahachie for more information on this event.