Ellis County Museum renovates its interior

Daily Light Report

The Ellis County museum, founded in 1968, is in the midst of renovations of its interior building that was built in 1889. 

In 1968, 50 citizens made a local county history museum a reality by laying the foundation for the Ellis County Museum. The current museum structure was purchased in 1975 with plans to continue the preservation of artifacts and documents for future years.

Recently, Ellis County Museum board members decided to restore and rehabilitate the interior of the building from top to bottom. 

According to a news release, "The restoration architect firm ARCHITEXAS was hired to create an extensive study to determine which building elements to preserve, restore, or rehabilitate. Using Architexas’ plans and working with the museum board, Chris Acker Construction will rehabilitate the structure."

The building will receive new electrical wiring and plumbing will be added to all floors. Sprinkler systems and sheetrock will also be added, aiding in fire protection.

Additionally, for fire safety, new stairs are required on all three floors with openings on the third floor as well as new stairways on the second and first floors, leading to fire exits on opposite ends of the building.

The original door and window openings between the museum and the adjoining building have been sealed for smoke and fire protection. Original doors, windows and architectural elements / details will be restored and used throughout the building.

According to the release, "When this work is complete, the Museum will have transformed 10,000 square feet of decades old dormant space into 10,000 square feet of usable museum space. New areas for exhibits, storage, research and entertainment will be created and valuable space on Waxahachie’s vibrant downtown square utilized."

The museum wants to preserve Ellis County’s history for new and future residents to come.