After finishing second to seven-time District 15-4A champion Midlothian during the district tourney, Waxahachie was able to top its rival by seven strokes at the Region II-4A Girls Golf Tournament at Robson Ranch Golf Course in Denton.

Waxahachie coach Terri Siebert was thoroughly impressed with her youthful squad’s performance.

“I was extremely pleased with the way the girls played,” Siebert said. “We are very young and most of them have only been playing for two years.”

Waxahachie ended its first day in eighth place but leaped over two other teams to take sixth place overall with a score of 367-364—731.

Midlothian finished 364-374—738.

This was the second consecutive regional appearance for Waxahachie, which fielded a team with a senior, three sophomores and a freshman.

With all but one of Siebert’s five golfers having played at regional before, the Waxahachie coach believes back-to-back regional experiences will help her program continue to excel.

Part of the program’s growth will rest on the shoulders of Ana Engelhardt, Elena Thomas and Christy Stephens.

“Ana played really well and did a great job at regional,” Siebert said. “Elena started out playing this year and has really come on strong, as had Christy.”

Siebert hopes the culmination of her team’s effort will result in dethroning Midlothian atop of the district next year.

“We loved beating Midlothian at regional,” Siebert added. “I expect good things from them in the future.”

Midlothian wants return trip to regional

If a regional golf tournament is held at the course next year, the thinking among Midlothian golfers is they will have knowledge of how to play the course.

The same course that typically has winds howling because of its open and wide location.

The same course that has bunkers lined up in a row in the final hole, almost inviting a golfer to hit into the sand.

Midlothian coach Brant Bennett said the course was tough but his golfers should be better for it, if they qualify for the regional again.

If history is any indication, Midlothian should advance since it’s won the district title seven years in a row.

“All my girls who played at regional are coming back, and three of them are juniors and the rest are sophomores,” coach Brant Bennett said.

He points to how there could be changes the way the varsity and junior varsity teams are made up, which is a good situation to be in, he said.

“Our juniors (will be) three- and four-year lettermen and we had played some of the JV girls on varsity throughout the season; you have that kind of depth in the program, they should be ready for this experience,” Brant said.

Midlothian came into the tournament trying to exceed its mark of last year when it finished less than a dozen strokes from second place but didn’t qualify for state. This tournament was anything but that once play concluded on the first day. Teams like Highland Park No. 1 and Frisco were so far ahead, the best Midlothian could do was have an individual qualify.

That, too, did not come to fruition.

Midlothian was not happy that Waxahachie had topped it in the team standings.

“Coming into this tournament, I think we were a little better than a year ago but we didn’t show it and Waxahachie really closed that gap,” Bennett said. “Waxahachie had been nipping at our heels all year and they did real well.”

For golfers like sophomore Casey Sprunck (108-105—213), her experience was to bask in the experience of having played in the tournament.

She had played JV golf most of her year and to move up to the regional really took her off guard.

“Coach told me it was finally my time to come up – it was a surprise for me,” Sprunck said. “We should have a strong team next year; I think coach did this so he can prepare us for that.”

She was joined by fellow sophomore Amber Beacham (102-100—202).