DENTON – The Ennis Lions are sending two representatives to participate in the regional golf tournament at the Wildhorse Golf Club at Robson Ranch in Denton.

With the Midlothian Panthers and Waxahachie Indians finishing first and second in the boys’ district golf tournament, the Lions’ wrap up the final two regional spots available.

In a new format, the top two teams (Midlothian and Waxahachie)  in the district tournament will advance all five of their members. After that, the next two best scores are able to secure a regional berth.

Colin Buckley and Cody Mummert were able to clinch  the regional spots as the pair finished with the tournament’s best scores outside of the Panthers and the Indians.

With Buckley and Mummert making their first regional appearances, coach Joel Davenport doesn’t believes nerves will play a factor.

“Both (Buckley and Mummer) have played plenty of (big) tournaments,” Davenport said. “Nerves won’t affect them. They are both really confident in how they have been playing.

Buckley, in particular, has been playing at a high level for the past month, which culminated in a second place finish at district.

Mummert, on the other hand, didn’t play as well as he hoped,  but his efforts were still rewarded with a trip to Denton.

Davenport believes the both his players will be able to handle the golf course at Robson Ranch despite being infamous for its wind tunnels.

“They both play better when its horrible weather,” he said. “(Even though) Both can hit it really far, but it’s not so much physical, it’s more mental. Staying shot to shot and be in the moment is what it will take to be successful.”

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