Although it was not on the schedule when the summer began, the Waxahachie Country Club hosted its first Junior-Adult Golf Tournament on Wednesday.

Junior golf has become a high priority for new club pro Devin Thomas, who held weekly camps for junior golfers throughout the summer.

“For a club like this it’s important to have new families with young kids in the membership,” he said. “When I got here there weren’t any kids around at all and now there is probably a half-dozen to a dozen here from dawn till dusk everyday.”

Wednesday’s tournament was for kids and their parents, and if a parent was not able to play, a country club member volunteered to play with them.

The format was a 9-hole scramble with two-person teams.

Annie Thomas and Chuck Tennant won the 1st-4th grade girls division with a score of 34.

In the high school girls division, Emma and Scott Sears finished second with a score of 40 while Elena Thomas and Terry Greene took first with a score of 33.

For the 1st-4th grade boys, Alex Hughes and Bobby Lloyd took second with a 34 while Chad Allsup and Joe McMillan took first with a score of 33.

In the 5-6th grade boys division, Alex and Craig Engelhardt finished third with a score of 38. Sam Sohh and Darrell Strength placed second with a score of 37, and Ryan and Pepper Wells finished first with a 37.

Gabriel DelValle Jr. and his dad took second place in the 7th-8th grade division with a score of 39. Kolton and Dee Smith won the division with a score of 38.

In the high school boys division, Taylor and Steve Richard took second with a 38, and Bailey and Barry Bass took first with a score of 34.

After everyone was done with their round of golf there was a putting game for the junior golfers. Taylor Richard won for the boys and Emma Sears won the girls division.

“I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults,” event organizer Lonnie Gaylor said. “Everyone had a lot of fun and hopefully these kids will take this and want to continue playing golf.”

Gaylor approached Thomas about a junior tournament in late June, giving him only a month to put everything together.

“We had about 80-90 kids come through the summer clinics and I thought it would be a good idea to have a junior-adult tournament like we had when I was in Graham,” Gaylor said. “We got it together through volunteers and donations. Hopefully this will spur interest for these kids through high school and later on in their lives.”