Maybe it was because after three years of football, being the kid that “never missed a pass,” during practice, and was the team’s starting receiver all three years, but was never thrown a pass during a game….well, I take that back, I was at the game when he did receive a pass, not intended for him- but since it was within his reach, he gladly obliged for the interception. But that was the only time, during a game he ever came close to having the ball thrown to him.

Was it typical small town politics? Truly every one on the Booster Club was a leader in the community and truly, every Booster Club member’s child was the “star” of their sport. But that was life in small-town Tennessee, (and I do mean small)! We tried to teach the lessons to be learned but it was hard.

We watched these politics played out in baseball, basketball, and football, so it was no surprise that at the end of his junior year he asked if he could simply play one sport.

Since our children are never allowed to quit what they start, he did have to get our permission, but to tell you the truth, we agreed with him and determined that since we were going to relocate to Texas from Tennessee, starting a new school and after all, his senior year — he could choose and he did.

We just assumed it would be, of course, football!

Having a father who was all state in baseball and football, an uncle as a professional baseball player, the pressure was enormous. The news hit my husband the hardest.

As a matter of fact, I wasn’t sure — actually, I’m still not sure — he will ever recover. You see, my husband, unlike me, was born and bred in Texas and let’s face it, football was the game you played. And here we were, returning to Texas — how great was this!

So it was a shock that penetrated the depth of his soul when Brandon, his only son, announced he was going to play tennis.

Now you have to remember that this was the lefty that blew them away pitching in baseball, amazing starting point guard in basketball, and the kid that “never missed a pass,” in football. “Oh, the agony of defeat,” my husband felt as he reminisced the past 17 years of coaching, presiding over board meetings and screaming from the stands — can you even scream from the stands in tennis?

This year, largely due to the fact that my son, Brandon Cox, plays tennis, but honestly, I have learned that Tennis is never reported, as a matter of fact — at Waxahachie High School it was not even announced at last Friday’s pep-rally.

The other sports were. The seniors were brought to the attention of the classmates in attendance, all except for those who play Tennis, that is.

Much like most of you, I watch tennis and I even play some. I love the outfits. But I never really paid attention to the fact that these kids don’t get the attention that they too, just like the other sports … deserve.

So, reporting to you, from Waxahachie, Texas, I bring you the awesome world of high-school tennis and invite you to join us at the ga…ah, I mean… matches.