Andrew Dyer

Hog Huntiní

Traps and snares are used to catch wild hogs by most outdoorsmen but dog power led to one of the best catches yet.

I have been hog hunting with dogs for about seven years and I hunt with people that have done it for 20 and even 30 years as I seek to learn from the best.

Jim Bob Owens is one of the great guys I hunt with along with his dad Bob Owens. David Rigney brings his 30 years of experience with our group, Bone Collector Kennels.

When I first heard about hog hunting I was thinking it would be a waste of time, but it is really a blast.

When out on one of our free range hunts we normally come home with a hog and have a high percentage of success, but the catch is not always guaranteed.

We help local farmers and people out by taking the pigs off their property and selling them or butchering them to give them to local charities for food. Hogs are everywhere and are in no way of extinction. We tie the hogs up and carry them out the majority of the time.

One hunt that sticks to my mind is a recent hunt where the dogs and I tracked down our biggest pig to date.

We turned loose about 8 a.m. on a Sunday and saw hogs under a feeder. The dogs struck and ran the hogs before forcing them to cross in front of us close to the Trinity River.

The dogs ran the hogs a little over two miles and bayed them up on the side of a levee. We made our way over to where the dogs were at it but we were not ready for what we found.

It was a much bigger hog.

There we were less than 20 yards from the hog and only one dog had the hog bayed.

We got close enough to turn the catch dogs loose to try to catch him and when we turned them loose the hog ran down the hill with the dogs on him and into some muddy water.

The three dogs, consisting of two catch dogs and one cur dog, caught the hog and we rushed down to grab the hog by the back legs to subdue him.

The monster weighed every bit of 350 pounds. He was neutered so he had bigger teeth and got a lot fatter than most wild hogs. His teeth were wider than normal and he was the biggest Iíve caught in my time of hog hunting.

Jim Bob Owens, Jeff Lawson, Terry Wilcox, Trace McGuffey and Trey Norman were all in on the hunt and we finally got through and back at the truck by noon.

The beast we found was one of a kind because of his size and characteristics he had.

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