Waxahachie’s church softball league was supposed to have begun on June 18.

On Monday, Sports Complex director James Villarreal had to cancel games for the third straight week.

“We’ve had quite a few rainouts with all this rain,” Villarreal said. “A couple years ago we had to cancel some games, but it was nothing like this.”

Villarreal’s biggest problem is that the fields have had so much rain they take 2-3 days to dry.

Unfortunately, the rain has not stayed away long enough for that to happen.

“The fields are moist and any amount of rain — just 5-10 minutes — is going to rain us out at this point,” he said. “The sun and wind we’ve had the last couple days has helped the process, but we rally need about a week of dry weather to get the fields ready.”

Villarreal said he plans to extend each league by however many weeks are rained out so each team will get to play its allotted games.

Also effected by the rainouts has been the YMCA baseball league.

Villarreal met with the YMCA on Monday and decided the games that have been rained out will be made up on a couple of Saturdays at the end of July.

Although the rain has wreaked havoc on the summer softball leagues, Villarreal said he will not complain about the rain.

“I learned a long time ago not to complain about the rain,” he said. “It could stop tomorrow and not rain again for three months. Plus, we’re saving money on water right now.”

There is an info line — (972) 938-5719 — set up for those who want to check to see if games have been rained out.

There is also a website the Sports Complex has now that lists schedules, standings and any news on rainouts at www.quickscores.com/waxahachie.