All front office preparations have been completed and now the on-the-field work can begin.

By the end of Wednesday, womens soccer, football and volleyball all will have arrived on the SAGU campus to begin fall workouts.

On Sunday, men's Soccer will arrive on campus.

Tuesday of next week, the cheerleaders will complete the fall teams' arrival.

Womens soccer will have shortest amount of time to prepare as they open play on Aug. 27 at home in a womens and mens soccer doubleheader.

On Wednesday morning, all football skills positions had reported and had begun practices in shorts and shirts to get ahead start on learning the defense and offense.

By the end of the day, football was expected to have 85 players on campus.

The volleyball team could be seen testing their conditioning with a run around the front side of the campus and agility skills in the newly redone Claxton Gym.

Finally the long summer wait is over, and each team can begin do something about all the goals they have for the upcoming season.