Waxahachie’s football team concluded its first week of football practice Saturday with an intra-squad scrimmage at Lumpkins Stadium.

The scrimmage ended a week head coach David Ream said was very productive.

“We got a lot accomplished conditioning wise,” he said. “We spent a lot of time teaching in the afternoons when the heat got up. It was more mental than physical.”

Even though there was quite a bit of teaching being done in the afternoon, the morning conditioning sessions were hot as well.

By mid-morning temperatures were in the low 90s on most days.

“It was hot, but we think the high temperatures were good for us in that it helped us get ready for what we’re going to see in the next two to three weeks.”

Most area teams got their practices started a week earlier than Waxahachie because the Indians had spring workouts in April and May.

Despite being a week late in starting, Ream was pleased with how much information the players retained.

“We had good carry-over from the older kids,” he said. “The younger ones that maybe didn’t get as many reps in the spring, they’re probably a step behind, but overall we’re happy with the retention.”

The Indians were able to put pads on Friday and Ream said there was a noticeable difference.

Having been conditioning for four days may have had something to do with Friday’s uninspired practice.

“We were a step slower, but on the fifth day of conditioning they were probably a little dead-legged,” Ream said. “We’re going to take Sunday off so they can recharge and get that bounce back in their step.”

Waxahachie scrimmages at West Mesquite at 7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 24.