A relatively young program, Team Trinity based out of Waxahachie is making waves all across the mixed martial arts scene.

Led by coach Brandon Quick the Team Trinity competitors have shined at some of the top MMA tournaments.

One of Quick’s students, Levi Mowles, has taken the sport by storm and is already performing above his age level.

A kid/teen grappler at the age of 14, Mowles stands 5-foot-4 and has brought his weight up to 130 pounds.

Despite his size and youth he claimed five medals in men’s competition at recent tournaments. Competing in tournaments such as the North American Grappling Association and Fight to Win he fought in the Men’s Intermediate 2-5 year division and defeated some athletes much older than him.

At his last NAGA tournament he choked out an Air Force wrestler in only 63 seconds and was outweighed by 20 pounds.

“This is an awesome accomplishment for any adult with that much experience but what makes it even bigger for Levi is he has only been training for 18 months and he is only 14,” Quick said.

With his success in tournaments and determination in practice Mowles was named the Teens and Kids team captain for Team Trinity. He assists Quick with new kids that come train with the school.

“He can not only handle himself but win at higher levels because of a few combined reasons. He is determined to be the best he can be, his parents support him and I am always on him, making his technique better, he rolls (grappling sparring) with adults who outweigh him and are stronger, with more experience,” Quick said.

Quick instills discipline and a solid work ethic in all of his students but says that “Levi will soak up everything I teach him and take it to another level than any of my students. He will use the most basic sweeps and submissions and the advanced and put in as many reps as he can. Most importantly he can pull them off in competition. This is kid that a coach dreams for. A kid with skills, determination, willingness to train outside of practice time, a leader, takes correction and uses it and a good family who supports him.”

With his strong work ethic, size and talent Mowles demonstrates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu very well.

BJJ was perfected by a smaller man to combat a bigger man on the the ground. Technique and leverage must be used over strength. Trinity Combat Academy/Team Trinity has many female kids as well as adult women who are learning the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for self defense and competitions.

“Before I started BJJ my life was hectic and dramatic,” Mowles said. “I was always fighting and arguing with my brother and parents. But after training with Brandon Quick my instructor and now close friend, I’ve changed significantly. I believe I have have become a more mellow person. Coach Quick has taught me how to channel all my aggression into my training. He has also brought Christ into my life. Training with Coach Quick has put me on the path of becoming a better Levi. My confidence has skyrocketed. Jiu Jitsu has also helped my athletic ability in other sports. The workouts keep me fit year round and are very fun.”

Quick stresses that it is the best self defense to learn because it teaches one to combat strikes and to put an opponent into submission. Most street fights end up on the ground, especially people who are smaller and you have to know what to do from there to survive. BJJ has also turned into a sport as the art has progressed in order to constantly test peoples abilities in the art.

At Trinity Combat Academy a typical class consists of a 10 minute warm up to get the joints and muscles moving and for injury prevention, 30-45 minutes of technical training and then free rolling for 30-45 minutes.

During free roll is when Mowles is tested the most.

Nightly, he is put against grown men or older teens who are bigger, stronger and better. Constantly he can be seen fighting from his back and trying to work his way up to sweeping his opponent so he can be on top or to take his opponents back.

When a fighter is on top they always have weight, speed and gravity on their side but they must learn to fight from their back. BJJ teaches a fighter that the fight is not over and there is always a way out of an attack.

If Mowles can get to his opponents back all of his opponents weapons (weight, legs and arms) are in front of him and he can use all of his weapons to attack his partners neck or limbs.

Mowles is not the only Ellis County athlete benefiting from the BJJ training at Trinity Combat Academy. Pastors, police officers, teachers, firemen, college students, kids, teens, moms and more train at the academy for various purposes.

“Training at Team Trinity has been an awesome experience for me and my family. Team Trinity is a very competition driven school. Competing is a great way to show what you have learned. In my opinion this one of the funnest sports around. The people who compete, train to win and we roll very intense. Mostly everyone there loves the workouts and has fun doing them. Coach Quick is a very caring and dedicated person. His teaching methods are top notch and they produce winners. Tie that together with a great sense of family and a great sense of humor and Team Trinity is an awesome place to be at.”

Located at 200 North Monroe Street in Waxahachie the academy encourages those looking for a different type of training experience to come in for a look.