MAYPEARL — The Maypearl Panther football team was at home Friday night where they took on the Hamilton Bulldogs.

The lightening flashed and the thunder rolled. Maypearl had the ball first and from the 22-yard line Derrell Ashlock ran at the middle of the line. Jacob Cooper threw a block and Ashlock went flashing 78 yards and Maypearl led 6-0 with less than one minute gone by.

Thunder followed the flash. Hamilton scored from 71 yards out.

The extra point kick was good and the Bulldogs lead 7-6. Less than two minutes had gone by in the first quarter.

In the end the Bulldogs won 39-14.

Hamilton took a 13-6 lead with 6:44 still to go in the first quarter.

Ashlock took the kickoff at his own 15-yard line and ran out to the Panther 37. Then it was Taylor Beck’s time to shine. He ran to the Bulldog 14-yard line, 49 yards on seven carries. Ashlock ran to the 10-yard line, but Maypearl turned the ball over on downs. The Panthers held the line and the Bulldogs had to punt. The snap sailed over the punter’s head. The Panthers did not take advantage and the punt gave Maypearl possession at the Hamilton 37-yard line. The Panther offense sputtered and Hamilton soon was going on an 85-yard touchdown drive. They scored with 2:43 left in the first half. What might have been a tie, was instead a Hamilton 21-6 halftime lead.

It was still a ballgame. A big play to start the third quarter gave Hamilton a 27-6 lead. They scored and scored again to lead 39-6 early in the fourth quarter. Panther linebacker Max Boston made tackles all over the field and Ashlock continued to run hard. Ashlock ran the ball 9 yards on three carries.

Beck added 13 yards on two carries. Then, at the Bulldog 45-yard line, Ashlock took a direct snap and ran at the left tackle Austin Weatherford’s hip. Untouched, Ashlock sprinted the 45 yards for the score. An extra point attempt was blocked but Panther Lucas Leal grabbed the ball and ran for the 2-point conversion. The Bulldog lead was cut to 39-14.

The Panthers scored first and last. Ashlock gained 177 yards in the game, 120 on just two carries.

These and other positive efforts by the Panthers should serve them well as they head to Venus next Friday.

And then head into the race for the playoffs the following week.