Softball coaches from across District 15-4A met to decide the 2007 All-District list.

Red Oak’s Stephanie Shelton, senior shortstop, was named the Defensive Most Valuable Player for the district.

Sherri Polanco, junior first baseman from Waxahachie, was named the Most Valuable Player.

The Offensive Most Valuable Player was Brianna Banda, a junior catcher, from Waxahachie.

There was a tie for Newcomer of the Year between Tori Benavidez, sophomore outfielder from Midlothian, and Alexis Johns, a sophomore pitcher from Arlington Seguin.

Waxahachie received the nod for Coaching Staff of the Year.

Named to the first team were pitchers Tori Banda, freshman from Waxahachie; Tori Davis, sophomore from Ennis; and Lindsay Fallen, junior from Midlothian.

First team catcher is Brittany Caruthers, sophomore from Midlothian.

The first team infield is comprised of Lindy Latham, senior from Midlothian; Sasha Monreal, junior from Seguin; Justine Prewitt, senior from Red Oak; and Samantha Stampley, senior from Ennis.

The first team outfield is comprised of Monica Jaramillo, a Waxahachie sophomore; Chelsea Peel, a Midlothian junior; Whitney Quick, an Ennis freshman; and Sydney Wells, a Seguin junior.

The first team utility players are Keri Richard, a senior from Midlothian; and Lauren Simpson, a junior from Waxahachie.

Named to the second team were pitchers Shelby Hall, Red Oak sophomore; Kelsey Krupnik, Red Oak senior; and Erica Wolver, Corsicana sophomore.

Catchers were Audrey Cain, Corsicana sophomore; Ryan Ellison, Seguin junior; and Emily Moser, Ennis senior.

Second team infielders were Tara McKenney, Red Oak freshman; Sara Fincher, Ennis junior; Jessica Moore, Midlothian senior; Jocelyn Roberts, Waxahachie junior; and Brittany Zhanel, Ennis Sophomore.

The second team outfield is comprised of Sheridan Pearson, Red Oak senior; Alyce Trevino, Midlothian junior; and Bailey Brantley, Seguin freshman.

Utility player was Meghan Curry, Midlothian sophomore.

Honorable mention status was earned by Red Oak’s Lindsay Mclin, Jackie Reyna and April Sharpless; Seguin’s Giovanna Krieger and Tara Martinez; Corsicana’s Haylee Baumgartner, Midlothian’s Melissa Lloyd and Lancaster’s Staci Dean.

Academic honors

Thirty-five student/athletes from District 15-4A earned Academic All-District status by maintaining a 90 point or better grade average during softball season.

Red Oak: Shelby Hall, Jackie Reyna and Shannon Stephens; Waxahachie: Brianna Banda, Tori Banda, Bradley Dawson, Ashley Gonzales, Nancy Gonzalez, Jerrica Jaramillo, Monica Jaramillo and Lauren Simpson; Corsicana: Haylee Baumgartner, Audrey Cain, Audra DeMoss, Madison Nelms and Erica Wolver; Midlothian’s Tori Benavidez, Kaydee Bland, Brittany Caruthers, Lindsay Fallen, Lindy Latham, Melissa Lloyd, Amy Nutting, Kerri Richard and Alyce Trevino; Ennis: Caitlyn Colunga, Samantha Cox, Tori Davis, Heather Fincher, Sara Fincher, Emily Moser, Whitney Quick, Emily Rejcek, Samantha Stampley and Brittani Zhanel.