There is now only one sports still playing at Waxahachie this spring and if nothing else, the Lady Indian softball team can learn a thing or two from Waxahachie’s baseball team and the Dallas Mavericks.

Every coach will tell you the best team on paper does not always win, but how often to players, especially in the high school ranks actually believes this age-old adage? The best team usually does win, but occasionally that nasty four-letter word ‘luck’ creeps over to the underdog.

With the Mavericks, there is something to be said about running into the hottest team in the league, but 16 3-pointers in Game 5? Come on. I don’t know if Celtics could have done that in Larry Bird’s heyday.

The Indians’ playoff run came to an end Friday at the hands of Brownwood, which, after defensive plays you probably won’t witness if you went to Arlington for a game, had a little bit of luck on its side as well.

On Thursday, it was Waxahachie that had things going its way with a dropped fly ball in center field leading to two runs and a ball lost in the lights in left field leading to a double.

Apparently Lady Luck enjoys the pillows at the Dural near Texas Motor Speedway because while she was in the Indians’ pocket on Thursday, she went home with the Lions and got a good night’s rest.

Drew Harrison led off the second inning with a ball hit into the gap in right-center field — obviously it was going to fall for a double.

Brownwood’s center fielder, who dropped a ball hit right at him the night before, got parallel to the ground and made a diving catch. With two outs and a runner on third in the same inning, Chase Morgan ripped what appeared to be a single up the middle, but Brownwood’s shortstop sent behind second base to snare the grounder and throw to first for the final out.

In the fourth inning, Matt Munday led off with a walk and Colton Cain followed with a hit to left field that was sure to fall just inside the chalk and one-hop the fence.

However, the same left fielder that lost the ball in the lights Thursday made a miraculous, off-balance catch and turned to fire the ball back into the infield and doubled up the base runner.

The next batter, Harrison, followed with a double that would have scored a run and the next two batters reached as well.

It was just one of those days for Brownwood and the Indians.

As the Lady Indians prepare for their regional quarterfinal series against Arlington Seguin, the lessons of the baseball team and Mavericks should come in handy.

Waxahachie’s softball team is playing an Arlington Seguin team they have already between twice this season, 7-3 and 17-1.

On paper, the Lady Indians should not have much problem getting a third win, but luck is a funny thing. As soon as you think you have her on your side, she’ll sell you out and be your worst enemy.

Tommy Brown is the sports editor for the Waxahachie Daily Light. You can email him at