Although Lancaster had some unforeseen issues this week, and was forced to forfeit their match, the Waxahachie varsity tennis team proved to be great sports and finished all of the matches with veracity.

The Lancaster coach said, “The students played some very competitive matches. However, Waxahachie was the better team at most positions. Only the boys played from positions 1 thru 6.

“Thanks to the Waxahachie team for great sportsmanship during the tennis matches.”

The varsity tennis teams play on Tuesday’s and hosts Ennis Oct. 2 at the high school tennis courts.

Waxahachie Winners:


1.) Cody Vincent & Patrick McClendon

2.) Eskee Sutton & Brandon Cox

3.) Jonathan Ivey & Wyatt Johnson


1.) Corey Kaelin

2.) Cody Vincent

3.) Patrick McClendon

4.) Jonathan Ivey

5.) Eskee Sutton

6.) Brandon Cox

Lancaster Scores:


1). Calvin Kinnard and Jemail Cheatham

8-3 Lancaster

2). Caleb Bonds and Marcus Bunton

8-6 Waxahachie

3).Chris Hughes and Tim Darton

8-2 Waxahachie


1). Jemail Cheatham (6-0, 6-3) Lancaster

2). Calvin Kinnard (6-1, 3-6, 6-2) Waxahachie

3). Caleb Bonds (7-6, 6-3) Waxahachie

4). Marcus Bunton (6-1, 6-0) Waxahachie

5). Chris Hughes (6-0, 6-2) Waxahachie

6). Tim Darton (6-2, 6-1) Waxahachie