For the third weekend in a row, Waxahachie’s powerlifting team finished third at its meet.

Although the team placed third, Waxahachie did have two first-place finishers and two others finished second at the meet in Kennedale.

In the 114-pound class, Carlos Cadena took first place. D.J. Jackson took fifth in the 132-pound class.

The Indians had two of the top three finishers in the 148-pound class as Anthony Castillo finished second and Aaron Herrera placed third in the division.

Tim Hunt was the second first-place finisher has he won the 198-pound class.

In the 220-pound class, Josh Hinshaw took fourth. In the Super Heavy Weight class, Ruben White placed second.

Department goes with new company

The athletic department at WISD has contracted with Great Texas Sports to be the official calendar schedule company.

The representative made contact with sponsors last week.

In doing so, the athletic department found out that another independent company is presenting itself to be acting on behalf of the athletic department while soliciting sponsorships.

Kelly Publishing Co. is not representing the WISD athletic department.

The district encourages local businesses who have been contacted by Kelly Publishing to contact David Ream at 972-923-4606 or and disregard any attempts by them to invoice your business.