Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr…again. Since my last report, the fishing at HighView Marina on Lake Bardwell has been real slow.  Most of the days have not produced any fish.

The marina was closed due to cold weather, ice on dock walk boards, and to protect the patrons of the marina. A few people, including myself, have fished for an hour or two almost every day. 

Some of these times were morning and others were in the afternoon until dark. Everyone I’ve talked to is baffled and at a loss for an explanation of why the crappie have been so reluctant to bite.

Some people have offered a theory, the water is too cold.

To this I have countered with the fact that only last year I was told a story of some guys breaking holes in the ice to fish at another shallow water fishing marina. They caught many fish seemingly unaffected by cold water.

Let me close with a positive note. Even if we have had two pretty cold weather spells, it’s only a couple of weeks and a few days until March. Then the water needs to warm up to TURN THE CRAPPIE ON!