The fishing has begun to improve at HighView Marina on Lake Bardwell in the last 2-3 days.

Since the wind has picked up from the south or southwest and the night temperature has been staying up in the 50s, the water temperature has now been climbing into the 55 degree Fahrenheit mark also.†

The fish have begun biting better, but a lot of smaller fish are being caught. The crappie are still pretty deep for the marina.† Most fish are biting at 10 feet down.

We are a day or two away from the full moon. Iíve been told that moonlit nights under a full moon are when crappie and maybe other species of fish bite best.

†If this is the case, then I believe if they bite better all night that it is likely they will not bite good early in the daytime. I have seen this before.† If they start biting in the daytime, it will be somewhat later, perhaps as late as 1 to 3 in the afternoon.

ďDonít tell fish stories where the people know you, but particularly, donít tell them where they know the fish,Ē Mark Twain said.