As head baseball coach at Avalon High School, Tony Hernandez has seen how hard it can be for athletes from small schools to get noticed.

Hernandez, along with Kody Harper, are preparing to help the problem instead of idly standing by.

On July 31, the pair will be hosting a college baseball showcase for baseball players to display their talents in front of college coaches at the Waxahachie Sports Complex.

“We understand how hard it is for kids at a smaller school to get a scholarship,” Hernandez said. “A lot of colleges don’t have the staff to get out to the smaller schools so this is what we came up with.”

While the focus is on getting the ‘little’ guy noticed, the showcase is open to any ’07 graduate, ’08 senior or transfer.

As of now, Hernandez has commitments from up to 10 colleges, most of which are junior colleges from the North Texas area.

The showcase will feature a traditional tryout and end with a simulated game.

“We’ll fungo to the infield and outfield, do a 60-yard dash and then we’ll end with a simulated game so the pitchers and catchers can do their thing,” Hernandez said.

If the players register by July 30, their profile will be given to every college coach that attends the showcase.

“The coaches will have a profile and know a little bit before watching them tryout,” Hernandez said. “We’ll take kids the day of the tryout, but there are advantages to signing up early.”

The cost of the showcase is $50 per person for those who register on or before July 30 and $60 to register on the day of. For more information, contact Tony Hernandez at (469) 337-9049 or Kody Harper at (469) 337-0495.