GEORGETOWN, Texas — Nine championships is always better than one, especially when you're busy helping make your city become the crown jewel of North Texas.

'Hachie's premier dance and drill team not only thrilled judges during both the ShowTime International Winter and Central Texas Dance Classics on Jan. 28 and Feb. 4, it also received more than its fair share of individual and team awards.

If dancing were basketball, baseball, football or volleyball, Waxahachie would be 2-0. The Cherokee Charmers could also be comparable to this year's Runnin' Indians regarding their domination of the competition.


The Charmer officers garnered Sweepstakes and Judges Awards —requiring a score of 90 or higher from each judge — during the Winter Classic, as well as "Best in" awards for the competition's Hip-Hop, Jazz, Novelty and Modern categories at Mansfield High School.

They also received a Champion Circle invitation which will allow them to participate in next year's Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and the Citrus Bowl.

The members of the Elite Team also won Sweepstakes and Judges Awards and added an Applause Award for best precision. While the Elite CC& Company nabbed Best in Jazz and the Kick Company won Best in Kick, the Showstoppers earned the top spot and the Best in Hip-Hop category.

They also claimed the Overall Elite Team Grand Championship and the Charmers' second invitation to both the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and the Citrus Bowl.

Lauren Lyle and Delaney Pricer earned Division I Solo ratings. Lyle also locked up a Duet Championship with Ashley Bosch and was named the senior Kickmaster Champion. Despite Lyle's jig through the classic's competition, though, Bosch may have stolen the show.

In addition to the Duet Championship, the Winter Classic Judge's Panel named her the High School Senior Division Solo Champion- Ashley Bosch and Overall Solo Grand Champion and the High School All-Star Division Solo Runner Up.

She was the only girl out of 50 to earn a $300 ShowTime International scholarship for college tuition.


The Charmers continued their do-si-do though their competition season at Georgetown High School, earning 17 team awards, three Division I solo ratings and three individual finishes.

Both the Charmer officers and the Elite team earned Sweepstakes, Gussie Nell Davis and Jazz Judges Awards. The former group also seized Novelty, Modern and Hip-Hop Judges Awards and were honored for the Best Overall Awards for best technique and precision.

The former received Best Overall Awards for choreography, presentation and precision.

Bosch, Lyle and Pricer all earned Division I solo ratings. Bosch was named the Senior Private Division Solo Champion and Medium Class Solo Finalist runner-up. Lyle took fourth place in the event.

The duo of Bosch and Lyle won their second consecutive Duet Championship and the Charmers won the Academic Championship for having the highest GPA of all the teams at the competition.

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