EDITOR’S NOTE: To help celebrate Waxahachie ISD athletes who are following the R.E.A.L. Leader philosophy brought in by Indians head football coach Jon Kitna and adopted by athletic director Greg Reed, Waxahachie athletic coaches have picked top athletes who exhibit the ability to Reject passivity, Empathize with others, Accept responsibility and Lead courageously.

A R.E.A.L. Leader Q&A will appear in each week’s Daily Light Friday sports section, allowing coaches from all sports to share and brag about their stand-up athletes. This week, Leslie Priebe, the Waxahachie High School head girls' basketball coach, named sophomore Destiny Bobb, an 16-year Waxahachie resident, the R.E.A.L. Leader of the week. Priebe chose her because of leadership on an off the hardwood as well as her consistently coachable nature.

Bobb said her mother is both her biggest fan and greatest example of the benefit of hard work and the person in her life that lends a sympathetic ear when she needs advice or guidance.

"She works harder than almost anyone I know just to make sure I have the things I need," Bobb said. "She is also someone I can always talk to and confide in no matter what happened that day."

Coach, you recognized Bobb as a REAL leader for the week. What did this leader do that stood out to you and what made you choose him/her as a REAL leader?

Priebe: Destiny doesn't only produce on the court, but she also benefits her community. She leads by her actions instead of through words. Her ability to inspire others — both in athletics and academics — is an important staple in our younger players' lives and throughout the program.

How does the Bobb live the four pillars of manhood / womanhood, a.k.a. R.E.A.L (Reject passivity, Empathize with others, Accept responsibility and Leads courageously)?

Priebe: She is the kind of person who always encourages others and is there for them. That's not a common thing in this generation's youth — to think of others before they think of themselves. Having humble players of that caliber that positively encourage players makes the whole program and school environment better.

The Real Leaders philosophy is based on the idea it takes a village to change a culture. How does she promote positive culture inside the locker room and in the community and encourage his or her peers to do the same?

Priebe: Simply because of her example and the way she carries herself. Her actions and demeanor are years ahead of her age. She has a quiet confidence that helps her lead through daily action. That's more important than most people think. When you have someone who always does the right thing regardless of if someone is watching or not, younger players and students and their peers follow them. She is one of the many examples on our team and in Waxahachie High School of how one persons attitude can change the culture of a student body.

In adulthood, accountability is a key component. How does Bobb best personify that value to promote success in the classroom, in sporting events and in life?

Priebe: She is very dedicated and gives 100 percent in all she does. She has a great family upbringing, is a straight-A student, and is mentors in both athletics and friendships. She understands the weight and responsibility being an athlete in Waxahachie means to the kids that look up to her and want to be her someday. She remains humble and accountable for both her actions and how people perceive them, making her a perfect example of this key element of being a true student-athlete.

What is one characteristic that she believes every leader should possess?

Priebe: Despite being one of the biggest girls on the court, Destiny is one of the most humble people you'll ever meet. More than her humility, her positive attitude is bigger than life. If we're down by 20, she believes in her heart that she and her teammates can overcome any obstacle. She believes a leader should possess this more than any other characteristic because 'hope' can make amazing things happen.

What has been the impact of Bobb's attitude on the team's success?

Priebe: Destiny is great to have her as a leader on the team because she has a “no quit” attitude and is always building her teammates up. That's important when teams go through rough patches. They know they have someone who understands their struggle and is going to go to battle with and for them.

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